Monday, February 05, 2007

Granholm's "Committee" pushes for tax increase

In other news, bears dump in the woods, the Pope is still Catholic, and Matt Millen is a loser.

This was hardly a surprise after the cast of clowns appointed for her panel. Jim Blanchard, Frank Kelley, and Bill Milliken. This "bipartisan" panel is bipartisanship as its worst - when both parties agree to screw over the citizens.

From Booth Newspapers

The report from the bipartisan group, co-chaired by former Govs. William Milliken and James Blanchard, recommends closing what has been a years-long structural budget deficit through a mixture of new tax revenue, spending cuts and government reforms. Granholm was to receive the report this morning.

Lansing fouled it up by spending too much. It's time to make the tough decisions and make the cuts instead of having us bail out the mess they put us in.