Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lapeer auctioning off M-16

I wish I had about $17000 right now.

From the Free Press

You, too, could be the proud owner of an automatic weapon -- courtesy of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office.

Via its Web site, www.county.lapeer.org/sheriff, the department is auctioning off a fully automatic M16, dating to the mid-1970s and capable of firing about 700 rounds a minute. The only requirement is that bidders have a machine gun permit -- available to any adult who doesn't have a criminal record.

Purchased by the department for $500 in the '70s, the weapon, which Lapeer's law enforcers thought might be needed in the event of an emergency like a hostage crisis, has never been fired outside of a shooting range. Undersheriff Robert Rapson said Monday he thinks it may be worth as much as $17,000 now.

Of course the Free Press got it wrong in their reporting, which is typical of the leftist media when it comes to firearms related stories. Class III NFA permits are NOT available to any adult who doesn't have a criminal record. You need to pass a background check, and need to cough up $200 - but you also need to get chief law enforcement in your community to sign off on the BATF's Form 4 as well. That's not mentioning having enough money to afford the firearm.

One thing that needs to be mentioned as well. One crime in 50 years by legal NFA holders, and it was from a cop. There's nothing to fear here, folks.


Luther said...

Wall Street Slammed After China Stock Woes

Pogo said...

Yeah, I've always heard these permits are expensive, involve a lot of paperwork, and take a long time to process. Not the kind of thing most people will go through just to own an expensive rifle.

If this gun is a nice as they seem to think, it will disappear quickly into somebody's private collection without even being fired. Still, it is nice to dream.

Jeremy Nielson said...

Wow, did I misread that title!

I was getting ready to buy a state highway! I was disappointed when I saw it was the sale of a weapon.

Buying an M-16 Assault weapon would be a nice addition to anyone's collection.

RightMichigan.com said...

An M-16. Wow.

Well, how many criminals do you know with a machine-gun license? Not many.

Suppose this will end up in the right hands then. I hope.


DJ said...

Anyone who is under 42 and in decent shape can sign up for the Army and get one for free. They'll even teach you to shoot it, along with a bunch of other fun weapons (including the .50 cal machine gun, which is loads of fun)!

Call 1-800-USA-ARMY and they'll even throw in a free wristwatch!