Monday, February 12, 2007

Livingston County - School Board Preview

On May 8, all of the Livingston County based School Districts (Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Pinckney, and Fowlerville) will be having school board elections.

So far, we have 16 official candidates for all the different positions for the May 8 School elections. Tomorrow, February 13 is the deadline for filing. We'll see if there are any last minute candidates.

So far, the people running are as follows.

Brighton: (2 openings) - Incumbents are Miles Vieau and Dawn Boss. Miles has not filed yet, and Boss is no longer in the district.
Candidates filed:
Wesley Armbruster
Irene Besancon
Patti Bradley
Winnie Garrett
Jared Geist
Greg Rassel

Howell: (2 openings) - Incumbents are Jeannine Pratt and Ted Parsons. Pratt has filed for re-election and Parsons is not running again
Candidates filed:
Dan Fondriest
Bill Harvey
Edwin Literski (running as a team with Jeannine Pratt -
Doug Moore
Jeannine Pratt - Incumbent (No relation to Jim Pratt)

Pinckney: (3 openings) - Incumbents are Anne Colone and Mike Hendy for full terms, and Michelle Crampo for a partial term. Colone and Crampo are running again. Hendy has not filed last I checked.
Candidates filed:
Anne Colone - Incumbent
Michelle Crampo - Incumbent (Appointed?)

Fowlerville: (2 openings) - Incumbents are Mike Brown and Elaine Esch. Brown is running again. Esch has not filed last I checked.
Candidates filed:
Mike Brown - Incumbent
Sheila Burkhardt

Hartland: (1 opening) - Incumbent Elsie McPherson-Brown is running again and is the only person to file so far.

Howell and Brighton are going to certainly have contested elections. The others may or may not be a battle. We'll see what happens coming up here. There's still another day before filing, and a couple of incumbents may run again. I've heard Roger Dresden in Howell and Miles Vieau are running, but they have not filed yet.

It'll be interesting to see which interest groups involved make endorsements and get involved in these race. Between the Concerned Taxpayers Group, MEA, political parties, LOVE PAC, the Argus, and Right to Life, things will be interesting. Let's just hope voters are informed and vote after they are informed on the candidates.

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