Friday, February 23, 2007

RECALL GRANHOLM! - Yet more tax/fee increases

It flat out amazes me that the Matt Millen and Gary Bettman of governors was re-elected. Obviously, this wasn't proposed before the election. Anyone want to take out the recall petitions? I'll circulate them. California of all places got rid of the inept Gray Davis. It can be done here too.

The worst part of this so-called plan is that it hurts the strength of Michigan. The growing part of the state (services) are targets for taxes. The outdoors and skilled trades are also hit. Here's the latest from your governor.

From the Detroit News

LANSING -- Hunting fees would double and fishing licenses would cost 43 percent more under a $115 million package of fee increases proposed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm as part of her budget balancing plan.

The proposed fee hikes, detailed this week in budget analyses, are in addition to Granholm's call this month for a new, 2 percent tax on services, and higher taxes on liquor and cigarettes. The tax and fee increases are intended to balance the 2007-08 state budget, which goes into effect Oct. 1.

Liquor and Ciggarettes - pay up
Deer Licenses - From $15 to $30
All species fishing - from $28 to $40 (I doubt I'll be flyfishing this year)
Air emissions permits - pay more $$$
Waste disposal and other servies - $$$$
Electricians pay more in licenses (Ridiculous)
Liquor licenses - triple in costs
Senior Fishing Licenses - $11 to $32

Here's a sampling of $115 million in fee increases in Gov. Jennifer Granholm's budget plan for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1:
Liquor license -- $21.9 million
Commercial mobile radio system -- $18.6 million
Hunting and fishing license -- $16.9 million
Air emissions -- $16.6 million
Corporation fees -- $6.5 million
Land and water permits -- $6.2 million
Solid waste surcharge -- $6 million
Securities fees -- $4.2 million
Groundwater discharge permit -- $3.1 million
License and regulation fees -- $2.6 million
Hazardous waste user fees -- $2.5 million
Pollution prevention program fees -- $2.4 million
Local judiciary user fees -- $1.7 million
Teacher certification fees -- $1.5 million
State police fingerprint fees -- $1.5 million
Source: Senate Fiscal Agency


Communications guru said...

You go right ahead and circulate those petitions. Good luck.

Republican=Conservative said...

Mr. Guru,

You can't tell me that you agree with the tax hikes?

Keith Richards said...

Fees are OK if, and only if, they are used to support the activity for which the fee is being levied. For example, I don't have a problem with reasonable fees on hunting and fishing providing those fees are used for things like game management and restocking.

I also don't have a problem with reasonable gas taxes as long as 100% of the tax goes toward building or repair of roads and bridges (I would happily pay more if it allowed the state to get major projects done in a single season rather than dragging them out for many years) Unfortunately, the only way to protect these funds from politician raids is through an amendment to the state constitution.

I DO have a big problem with fees that get dumped into the general budget, as this is just another name for a tax increase which politicians want to impose so that they can continue to waste tax dollars to buy votes.

Jeremy Nielson said...

I seem to remember people being upset at hunters - that they didn't eat the meat, they only loved the sport.

I guess the price of deer meat just got a little more expensive this year.

I'd be glad to help get signatures going on a Recall petition. How many signatures are necessary?

Republican=Conservative said...

A re-call would help; but that is too radical...Michigan needs leadership, and the only way that is going to get done is if the Republicans in the House and Senate get things right...otherwise Michigan is doomed. said...

We're keeping our eyes on this one over at too.

Check us out if you get a chance.

Keep up the good work RM.


Layneh said...

I agree 100% with Recalling Gov. 2 penny jenny. In fact, I am currently starting a recall process, in the very begining stages. My website is my main focus right now, I have a facebook account with the group Recall Granholm, and I am looking for more motivated people to assist in this masive poroject.

Anonymous said...

Keith Richards -

Please remember that money is - by definition - fungible. Even if they throw "all the money from the fees" at what they are intended to be, the bean counters will slice the same amount or more out of those programs in the funding from the general fund. Thus, the money becomes available for ipods and whatever other hairbrained ideas they come up with.

Fee and tax increases are bad no matter how they are structured. Michigan is losing population - spending should also drop. It's that simple.

Unknown said...

Im a democrat who cant pay my bills let alone all these new taxes.

F Granholm !!1

Please, God, Forgive me my vote, for I knew not what she’d do….

Pam said...

Dear Frustrated Taxpayers,
Since details of Granholm’s massive tax hike on your income and on Michigan businesses was passed by the legislature this past Sunday, the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance has been deluged with more than a thousand emails in just two days. We have also received countless phone calls from angry, distraught taxpayers.

The vast majority of these emails and calls are from citizens who want to be involved in recall efforts against politicians who voted for these tax hikes on Michigan families. Many citizens emailed with questions, asking how they can be involved in recall efforts.

Due to the extreme volume of these emails and calls, it may take a few days for MTA staff to respond. Please forgive the brevity and tardiness of any initial response to any email you may have sent. The MTA WILL respond to questions and contacts as soon as possible. Staff and volunteers are sorting these contacts as quickly as they can.

However, please do NOT hesitate to contact the MTA by email. The MTA will respond and very much want to hear from you. Spread the word to family and friends - join the MTA and fight back!

Thank you for your patience and willingness to help.


Leon Drolet
MI Taxpayers Alliance

Brian Charles said...

It isn't that hard to recall her. You need 25,000 signatures, are you telling me that half the people going to a Lions game aren't willing to sign a petition to recall her?

We need two dozen volunteers to man the exits at the next couple Lions home games.