Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whitmore Lake Results - Every vote counts

Frequent commenter Jim Pratt posted this on the Argus boards. Thanks Jim for finding the results. Anyone who thinks their vote doesn't matter can look at the results. Proposal C won by 2 votes.

Whitmore Lake Proposal B (Schools, renewal)
# Proposition B is a 10-year renewal of the 18-mill nonhomestead levy which expired in 2006. The nonhomestead does not apply to primary residences. If a district fails to levy the full 18 mills, the state reduces the district's per-pupil foundation grant.

YES 508 65.38%
NO 269 34.62%

Whitmore Lake Proposal C (Headlee Override)

Proposition C would raise the authorized nonhomestead millage to 20 mills, although under state law, the district can only collect 18 mills. The proposal is aimed at combating the effects of the state constitution's Headlee Amendment.

YES 391 50.13%
NO 389 49.87%

Whitmore Lake Proposal D (Headlee Override, Recreation)

Proposition D also is designed to combat the Headlee Amendment. It asks for a maximum of 0.10 mill to restore the district's 0.62-mill public recreation and playgrounds millage that has been decreased through Headlee.

YES 330 42.36%
NO 449 57.64%

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