Saturday, March 03, 2007

Voters are clear - do not raise taxes

I just got back from Up North and find that I missed some major developments. The first is this interesting editorial from the Lansing State Journal.

First off - A warning shot is heard from the Lansing State Journal when it comes to tax increases. If you are tired of all these "retry" attempts, we can fix it by electing fiscally responsible school board members in all districts.

Voters in three mid-Michigan school districts Tuesday considered - and rejected - bond proposals.

We detect a substantial chill in the air when it comes to requests for tax increases. Other school districts looking to property tax plans best take a good long look at these results, and others in recent years, for guidance on how to appeal to voters.

Take Portland's request this week. The LSJ reported that the bond proposal was for $3.2 million to conduct roof replacements.

Roofs are hardly luxury items. And, as all homeowners know, they do finally wear out - no matter how well you attend to them.

Nevertheless, Portland voters rejected the plan by a nearly 2-1 margin. That's not just "no," but "No way!"

More troubling to advocates is the history behind this vote. Last May, Portland barely rejected a similar proposal. But later it was found that people living outside the school district had been given ballots.

This re-try, you would think, would have been close, too. But it wasn't.

Similarly, the votes in Fulton and Webberville this week were hardly of the razor-thin variety. The "no" was clear.

Last May, Okemos, Grand Ledge and Maple Valley also rejected bond measures

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