Saturday, April 28, 2007

Detroit Lions draft yet another receiver

For the 4th time under the Matt Millen era, The Detroit Lions drafted a wide receiver. This time it is Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech. Johnson had a great college career, but will he be a Roy Williams or will he be a Mike Williams? I really hope he's a Roy Williams type player, and also hope someone is capable of getting him the football. I wish they picked a lineman or defensive player instead as the Chicago Bears have shown that defenses and the trenches are the basis of a team. We'll see what happens.

As incompetent as Granholm has been being "The Matt Millen of governors", there's only one real Matt Millen. With Millen's record of incompetence at the draft, player personnel, and coach selection (Jury is out on Marinelli, but at least he's not a West Coast offense guy), not to mention his win-loss record, he sets a standard of losing that rivals the Darryl Rogers years. I'd never thought I'd miss Wayne Fontes and mediocrity.

It takes work being a Lions fan.

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