Thursday, April 12, 2007

Detroit Media shows extreme ignorance on guns - AGAIN

We all probably have heard about the guy going postal in Troy. Anytime a white guy in the suburbs goes postal, it's big news, since it doesn't happen that often. For those who don't know, an employee was fired, got a shotgun, and shot up his workplace. There's a ton of coverage in the Detroit papers over this, some of it misleading.

We get this gem from John Wisely the Detroit Free Press.

LaCalamita had suffered from bipolar disorder for years and recently from depression, Fanego said. In the past two months, LaCalamita sought unsuccessfully to purchase a pistol permit. He was denied because of his previous mental condition, Fanego said.

Michigan law prohibits anyone from obtaining a license to buy a pistol if they have been deemed mentally ill and committed by a court, said State Police Sgt. Tom Deasy. A license is not needed to buy a shotgun.

That's extremely misleading. They made it sound like there is no background check which is BS. While a "license" is not required to buy a shotgun, I can not go to Target Sports (Where the shotgun was bought) and buy a shotgun without going through hoops. Anyone who buys from a gun dealer (FFL) must go through the hoops. I have first hand experience here.

1. This is BATF form 4473. Anyone who buys a rifle or shotgun must fill out this form. In most states, pistols use this form too. Look at line number 12f in particular. That disqualifies the perp.

2. After I fill out the form, the dealer then calls the FBI which runs a background check. After I was checked and cleared, I was able to legally buy the shotgun.

That's to spread a little reality upon the misleading article (either ignorance or intentional misleading) from the Free Press.

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