Saturday, April 21, 2007

YouTube - Coverage of anti-tax rally in Michigan

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In other news, apparently the Mackinac Center sold out taxpayers on the gasoline tax. Saul Anuzis is standing his ground and it continuting to call out the stupid idea for what it is.


Unknown said...

The thing that really gets me going on the road tax issue is that so much reform is needed. First, we need to eliminate the sales tax on gas. Michigan is almost unique in charging this sales tax and when adding it to the road tax makes Michigan's gas tax one of the highest in the U.S. even before this new tax hike. Second, we need to eliminate the law which forces government contractors to pay sky high union rates even for non-union workers. Changing this law would allow a lot more road work to get done for the same amount of money. Third, we need to have totally competitive bidding on road contracts, and not give prefential treatment to minority owned firms who win bids with more expensive contracts. If they want the business, let them be competitive. Forth, we need to make sure that road repair money is spread around the state and not all concentrated in areas which voted heavily for Granholm. Fifth, we need an amendment which prohibits the legislature for using road funds for anything other than roads (is that radical or what?) If the state wants to finance public transportation let them do it out of the general budget, not on the backs of car owners.

So why are Republicans caving in on road tax increases without at least demanding these basic reforms? Sometimes political leaders have to compromise to get things done, but this does not mean that Republicans have to give in to everything that Democrats want. Democrats need to give in too. Don't we have any courage and common sense left in our party?

Bachbone said...

Don't we have any courage and common sense left in our party?

Very little!

Unknown said...

I looked at the Mackinac Center report today. They say they support the road tax but that they also advocate major reforms (Some of them I mentioned in my last post). Their wording was weak, making it sound like they might support the tax without the reforms but it could go the other way too.

I just hope the Republicans don't cave on this tax increase without, at a minimum, demanding these common sense reforms.

Pogo said...

Excellent video. This should be required watching for all Michigan residents.