Monday, May 07, 2007

Complaint filed against MEA for illegal mailing

Back on April 27 I broke the story about East Lansing's MEA breaking the law in their illegal campaign contributions. The Argus on May 2 confirmed the illegalities by the MEA.

The campaign finance laws are tricky in some respects. Other parts are basic and no brainers. Now, the MEA's PAC is an elite campaigning organization. They know all the tricks. This one was a no brainer. I think everyone knows that all the campaign advertisements to the public need to disclose the committee which paid for them, as well as the address of that committee.

MEA-PAC made the decision to mail out illegal independent expenditures in support of their two candidates, Dan Fondriest and Ed Literski. On their expenditure, they did not mention they were from East Lansing, nor did they disclose who paid for those advertisements. It was a shady move, and thanks to a few watchful eyes, they got caught.

This is an open and shut case. As such, I did the proper thing and filed a formal complaint with the bureau of elections against the East Lansing based MEA PAC. This complaint was strictly my work and not the work of any organization officially, nor unofficially. If this was a oversight missing just the "Paid for by" message, I'd let it go. If it just missed a return address, I'd let it go. Missing both is flat out unacceptable. Maybe a $1000 fine will send a message.


Communications guru said...

Well, good for you. You struck a blow for justice. And we know that because Land and Cox only prosecute Democrats, like George Cushinberry, for these alleged violations this will most likely go forward.

You and I both know you would never just “let it go.”

Bachbone said...

$1000 is chump change to the MEA/NEA. Even if it were big bucks, all the unions would do is raise members' dues to cover the costs. Most teachers are 'sheeple' who just want to be left alone to teach, so pay their dues and follow the union 'true believers' (as defined by the late writer/longshoreman Eric Hoffer) who control things.

Mike Reno said...

Here is a link to the most recent MEA PAC Campaign Finance Statement.

MEA PAC January 2007 Triannual Statement

It shows $881,998.75 in receipts year to date, and an ending balance of $688,196.69.

Of course, the April statement is not posted.

Here is a link to their historical finance statements: MEA PAC on Michigan Searchable Campaign Finance Database.