Monday, July 16, 2007

Obama hates Civil Rights and the Constitution - Again

I wouldn't expect anything less out of the former board member of the Joyce Foundation. Scratch a Chicago liberal and find a fascist - and I don't use that term for many people. No guts award winner and so called "rock star" Barack Obama has earned it as much as the Detroit Lions earned their reputation for losing. His true colors and hatred for civil rights and the 2nd Amendment are shown here in this slanted Chicago Tribune puff piece.

Obama called for better enforcement of existing gun laws, tighter background checks on gun buyers and for making an expired assault weapon ban permanent.

For those outside the people's republic of Illinois - that means total gun registration, ID cards for ammo buyers, and total gun bans in some areas - like his hometown of Chicago.

"A couple weeks ago, cops found an AK-47 near a West Side school," he said. "That type of weapon belongs on a battlefield, not on the streets of Chicago."

But Obama said the "power of the gun lobby in Washington" has blocked tougher gun laws and enforcement.

Son, let me tell you about the power of the gun lobby. It's not in Washington son. It's at the ballot box in real America. I also highly doubt your cops found a real AK-47 since I doubt automatic weapons are a common occurence there.

"If you want to go hunt, go hunt. Nobody is trying to take your shotgun or rifle away," he said. "But when you've got the gun lobbying saying that we can't use ballistics to trace back where guns came from ... then it is time for us to stand up to the gun lobby and say enough. It is time for a change in Washington."

Son, the Second Amendment isn't about hunting. It has nothing to do with hunting. Gun rights have little to do with hunting. It's about people protecting themselves from politicians.

Also, YOU voted to BAN hunting rounds, including the .30-30. When you talked about not taking our shotguns and rifles away, you lied. As far as ballistics go, that's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard in my life. If you want to beat a ballistics test, just alter the barrel. If you knew something besides the talking points from the Joyce Foundation, you would maybe understand that -- if you are smart enough.

"I believe that the majority of NRA members would not object to doing a background check from a bullet that has been used to kill a child on the South Side of Chicago, or the West Side, and find out who sold that gun," he said. "That's a law that's already in the books. The problem is that we're not enforcing it."

We already have background checks. It's called NICS, son. Illinois even has tougher checks. Hell, guns are banned in Chicago. It looks like it's doing a lot of good there, huh?

"That wasn't part of my growing up, but I am sympathetic, as I say, to the fact that if you go down to Downstate Illinois, that's an important part of the culture there and people use guns responsibly in those situations

Quit your pandering, son. It's about freedom and civil rights, and you once again oppose it. This goes right along with your vote to support prosecuting those in Chicago who use a firearm to protect their homes from burglars.

This so called "rock star" needs to get rocked at the polls.

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Feel strongly about this one?

This is one of the things that always confuses me about liberals... they decry the federal response to Katrina, they say the government can't prosecute a war the right way, they've got additional problems X, Y and Z with this and that the government does but somehow, someway it'll be A-OK for the government to have MORE power, for people to have LESS power to do things for themselves and for the responsibility of the state to increase exponentially.

Illustrates that it isn't about ideology or consistent political philosophy... it's about the accumulation of personal power.


Communications guru said...

How in the hell do you equate civil rights with the 2nd amendment? This illogical, weird obsession with guns you have is strange. The 2nd Amendment is “about people protecting themselves from politicians?” You cannot be serious? You made that one up because the Founding Father’s never had that in mind when they drafted the 2nd Amendment. If you like firearms so much perhaps you should join the Army or the reserves; they need all the help they can get, and then you will really be living up to the true intent of the 2nd Amendment.

Now, obviously you know more about firearms than I do, but what other use can an AK-47 have other than in combat? I know commenting here is a waste of my time, but this post is over the top even for you. You have already demonstrated your prejudice and hate against Sen. Barack Obama, but this is just ridiculous.

Eric said...

i like how you keep on refering to an african american as 'son'. really classy.

Dan said...

Unless he has citizenship in an African country, he's not African American. I'm not "European American" either.

I would say that Obama is American, but throwing your staff under the bus for your campaign's mistakes, taking away civil rights of Americans, and attacking while talking about a "new kind of politics." That's flat out unAmerican. I just show that joker the class that he deserves. none. He gets no breaks from me based on his race.

Unknown said...

The thing I love most about Obama is the way he manages to be absent when votes on controversial issues are being taken, thus avoiding the creation of an official voting record on these issues.