Thursday, September 27, 2007

116 million in waste. Thanks Granholm!

How arrogant. You're DEMANDING a tax increase, and want to feed us this BS?

As the threat of a government shutdown looms, Chief Investigator Steve Wilson is asking some tough questions of about a $116 million construction project for the state police.

Steve Wilson story pt 1

Steve Wilson story pt 2

This isn't some simple MSP project. It's a 25 year lease with Democrat leader Joel Ferguson (MSU trustee and wannabe football coach). Fergie gives tons of money to the dems and gets a sweetheart deal here in the budget.

And they want us to pay or this with a major league debt? All I can say to this is three words. Go to hell.


liberalshateusa said...

Liberals have proven yet again that there’s no Delusion quite as powerful as Self-Delusion

This is typical liberal waste. The Liberals Aka. Progressives want more money to fund colleges and programs that provided State assistance to their Democratic voters at the expense of the average citizen. Government handouts do not work, it is a proven fact, Lyndon Johnsons Great Society project of social reforms were suppose to eliminate poverty and racial injustice. One TRILLION dollars has been spent on this and has not helped. As proven by none other than New Orleans (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party). The Granholm Administration has been a total failure as has been the Democrats with there control of Michigan and the Federal Government.
I can’t wait to listen to Coulter and save my sanity.

Anonymous said...

My Senator's office, Valde Garcia, responded to my letter about this subject. I have posted it on my web site. It really does not say much at all other than he is "concerned" about this project.