Monday, September 24, 2007

Draft Gore and reduce jobs in Michigan even further?

Leave it to Bob Alexander (ran in 02 against Mike Rogers) to support drafting Al "Ban all Cars" Whore who would be as much of a disaster for the country, as the Matt Millen of governors has been for this state.

From the AP

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan supporters of Al Gore are launching a petition drive to make sure his name can be on the Jan. 15 presidential primary ballot if he decides to enter the race.

They have to submit 12,396 valid signatures to the secretary of state's office by Oct. 23 to get the job done. Gore won Michigan in his unsuccessful 2000 presidential bid, but so far has not said he'll run.

Under rules for the Jan. 15 Michigan primary, the state party chairmen had to give the secretary of state's office by Sept. 11 a list of potential nominees who would be on their respective ballots.

Believe it or not Bob, I'll sign it. The nastier the democrat fight is, the better.

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