Sunday, September 30, 2007

House Votes

Bad news, both tax increases, the sales and income, passed the house. They are trying again on MESSA.

MESSA passed the Senate already. The tax bills are in the senate as I type this.

Once all is finished, I'll be posting the major roll call votes (MESSA, final house votes, final senate votes, and if applicable, the conference committee votes of the final bills)

I'll also say that with or without MESSA reform, I opposed this deal as it stands now at 11:50. It's not good enough. With MESSA, it's like losing the Motor City Bowl. Going to a bowl game isn't a complete loss. Without MESSA reform, it's flat out Darryl(ect) Rogers (with Lions, not MSU) bad, and I'd expect nothing less from the Matt Millen of governors.

I'd call this a turkey, but why insult a good bird.

(UPDATE - MESSA passed the house 56-53)

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