Saturday, September 15, 2007

No changes on taxes, dems can't unite their caucus

The late session called by Dillon has no changes.

Still no changes on the taxes. There are still 14 holdouts on the democrats. No Republicans have voted for tax increases (But Gaffney and Ball still need your calls ASAP).

Apparently, the dems are all mad that Republicans aren't supporting the tax increase, even though the dems control the house. Dillon and company not only want the tax increase, but they don't want one sided partisan heat from a democrat tax increase. They want to give "get out of jail cards" to the democrats in tough districts (like McDowell, Simpson, Griffin, Byrum, and Corriveau) for raising our taxes.

There are enough democrat votes to pass this without a single republican vote, so stop bitching about the republicans and look at your own caucus that you can't unite. Some Republicans have said they would support a tax increase as long as there were reforms in things like MESSA or Right to Work. (That's still not good enough for me) That's the probable price unless you want to forget the get out of jail free cards you want so badly.

So far, Andy Dillon ain't looking so good. Time for him to stop following the lead of the Matt Millen of governors, and to come up with plan C.

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