Thursday, September 13, 2007

RNC Committeeman Race Updates

A lot has happened recently in the RNC race. First off, Oakland County's Paul Welday and Ingham County's Norm Shinkle (who I would have likely supported due to his work as Ingham Chair) dropped out of the race and endorsed former US Senate candidate Keith Butler. Soon after, Chuck Yob, the incumbent is not running for re-election. As of now, Butler is the probable next RNC committeeman. It's still early, so we'll see what happens. Internal Politics is nothing if not interesting.

Chuck's letter is posted at Saul's site for all to see

I was not in either the pro-Yob or anti-Yob camps that seem to have been sprouting up in the past year, particulary among our Youth Activists. Sometimes I agreed with him and sometimes I disagreed with him and never had a problem with him on a personal level.

One area where he doesn't get enough credit. He was one of the few with the guts to support MCRI and the Human Life Amendment proposal when much of the other party leadership was extremely weak on those issues. I think if the rest of the party followed his lead on those two issues, that we may have had some better success last year in this state. Chuck always speaks his mind, and when he had a goal, did anything possible to achieve it. I do not care for some of the tactics he has used in supporting his candidate, John McCain, but nobody can argue that he doesn't work hard for his candidates. With his retirement, it will be interesting to see what he has to say. I would not be surprised if he takes a more active role in the McCain campaign.

Thanks for your work Chuck Yob, and good luck to Keith Butler.

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