Friday, September 14, 2007

Tax updates

Nick at Right Michigan has some excellent news on the tax updates. The first two come from Nick's site.

The Michigan House of Representatives is hard at work this afternoon trying to raise our taxes.
But they haven't started to address the budget crisis. Wait, what?

Confused? Yeah, smart people should be. Here's what they're doing.

The House just held a roll call vote on House Joint Resolution Z. When you break it down to brass tacks, HJR-Z will permit the House to implement a graduated income tax but not until January or February.

That's right. January or February. No, you're not mistaken. The new fiscal year does indeed start October 1st, 2007. In other words, this vote wasn't only to raise our taxes, it was also to put off dealing with the budget mess for four or five months after the state becomes insolvent!

This was another of those tricky votes that required a 2/3rds majority to pass. It failed. Spectacularly. More spectacularly even then their attempt to raise the sales tax earlier in the week.

But don't worry, it wasn't a total waste of time. During debate leading up to the vote Republican after Republican took the floor to call for spending cuts and reforms, areas completely overlooked by the House Democrats.

And the Democrats, oh, they had some doozies. Rep. Coleman Young Jr. said that voting for reforms "sucks," while George Cushingberry began yelling into the microphone that right-to-work legislation represents bigotry and racism of the highest order, combining it in rhetoric with slavery in the American South.

Nevermind that no one had once mentioned right-to-work legislation, that no such legislation is before the body, that no such legislation is tie-barred to the tax hike and that permitting workers to choose whether or not to join a union represents as step towards personal freedom, not slavery. But all of that is neither here nor there.

When it was obvious that HJR-Z would go down to spectacular defeat Majority Floor Leader Steve Tobocman took the mic to ask that the board be cleared, hiding the fact that 47 or 48 Democrats were voting once again to raise our taxes. There was one audible AYE while the entire GOP caucus shouted NAY but Rep. Sak, holding the gavel, claimed the AYEs had it and cleared the board.

Nice of him, huh?

Now they're on to House Bill 5194, a measure that would actually raise our taxes today. We'll see what they've got in the way of support. Keep on those phones and keep on those emails!

Part II is on their site as well. Here's the link. So far, so good.


Communications guru said...

Nice job of completely misrepresentation the facts, spinning the facts and downright lying. The resolution would allow the required Constitutional Amendment that will even allow a graduated income tax to be placed on the ballot. Republicans know the majority of people in Michigan would rather see the richest 1 percent in the state pay a little more in order to stop the layoffs of more than 6,000 police officers. Obviously, Republicans don’t trust the voters. The voters must approve the Amendment before the Legislature can even consider it.

It’s so ionic it would be funny if it were not so sad. The Senate Republicans admit it is going to take a combination of cuts, reform and reinstating some the revenue that has been cut for the past 15 years to balance the budget. But, of course, the do not have the courage to propose the revenue they know us needed to avoid the cuts that they even admit are draconian and unacceptable. So they leave it to the House to do their job, but when they do, the GOP cowards in the House vote no. Bishop obviously wants a government shutdown so they can blame the governor. It’s sad he is putting politics and his run at Governor over the good of the state, or you are so afraid of someone like Leon Drolet and the hate group running the recall blackmail.

George Cushingberry listed the cuts and reforms the Democrats have already passed. If you had been there, like I was, you would know that. By the way, the right-to-work for less has nothing to do with whether you have to join a union or not, you already have the option of not joining a union.

It’s 8:43 p.m., and the House is still in session after starting at 10 a.m. Where is the cowardly Senate while the House is trying to avoid a government shutdown? I’m sure they are at a fundraiser, or Bishop was on the golf course. Nice. Nice.

Dan said...

Afraid of Leon Drolet? Hell, I'll help with the recall efforts....

Communications guru said...

Great rebuttal. I guess when you are void of facts that’s what you resort to. You’ll help with the recall efforts? Good. You do that. You couldn’t win the election in November, and somehow you think this will be successful. Go for it. People are smart than you give them credit for.