Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Fire Granholm movement catching fire?

From the Free Press

LANSING -- The campaign to recall members of the Legislature who supported last weekend's sales and income tax hikes may be expanded to target the one person most closely identified with the effort -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Recall organization leaders said Wednesday that the people contacting them to volunteer in the antitax recall effort are most upset with the governor.

Leon Drolet of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance said that just this week, he has received messages from 1,000 people volunteering to collect signatures to recall Granholm. Drolet, whose group planned to first target up to five lawmakers who voted for the increases, said, "It's amazing how angry people are about the governor."

Some of the political class are saying it can't be done. It couldn't be done in California either against Gray Davis....oh was done.

With some hard work, elbow grease, and top flight organization it can certainly be done. I'm doing some research and planning on this as I type. I know others are doing the same. Plans are in the works. Stay tuned.

One thing to remember, Lt Governor John Cherry has to go as well if Granholm goes. While I personaly like Cherry, he was the tiebreaking vote when the senate deadlocked. They enter as a team, and need to leave as a team.

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This is the link to start the recall effort.
Pass it along!