Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lawmaker's Benefits not cut while we pay more

A big Joker Award goes out to Andy Dillon and all the reps for this. From the Argus:

And for the lawmakers of the future?

Their superior benefits remain untouched.

Republicans insisted on school employee health-care reforms as part of a deal that gave Democrats the tax increases they wanted.
Republicans argued that retired school employees' health-care benefits are out of whack with the private sector and out of whack with what taxpayers can afford. But here's the thing.

Retired lawmakers have a much better deal.

"Apparently, it got lost in the shuffle," said Rep. Robert Dean, D-Grand Rapids, who has sponsored legislation to eliminate health-care retirement benefits for future lawmakers. "Leadership didn't push it to the top, and that was from both sides."


Lost in the shuffle? Right, and John L Smith was a good coach for the Spartans. Y'all need to slap yourself in the face for that one.

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Communications guru said...

Explain to me how you can lay this at Andy Dillon and the House's feet. Republicans are the ones that kept saying they wanted reforms before any increase in revenue. Then why didn’t they propose it and vote for it? With the majority in the Senate they could have passed it easily, and traded a few Republican votes on revenue for that bill.