Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No county money for the Train to Nowhere

I'm surprised here, and in a good way, considering where some of the pressure for this is coming from. Good for the commissioners.

The Argus has a good piece on this found here.

The county's 2008 budget,
set to be approved in early November, contains no money for the proposed Washtenaw and Livingston Line commuter train.

That's despite being informally asked for a contribution from organizers, including Northfield Township Supervisor Mike Cicchella.

By contrast, Washtenaw County has pledged $300,000 over two years for the project, and the downtown development authorities of Northfield Town-ship and the city of Ann Arbor also will reportedly contribute.
Cicchella wouldn't comment on the Livingston board's refusal to put up any money.

But Bill Rogers, the board chairman, said the county simply needs more information, including more concrete budget and ridership projections, before it can participate.

Even if that data were to come, the county's financial situation is not conducive to any donation, he said.

Rogers cited uncertainty over the 911 dispatch and jail budgets because of potential changes coming from the Legislature in Lansing.

In any case, the information received so far hasn't been enough for the board to jump in.

"Just because we're doing our homework, everybody thinks we're not interested," Rogers said.

I'd be all for this train if it was private funds and paid for itself, but with the subsidies required, route of the train, and overall costs, this will be a pork barrell project.

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