Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recall hearing shenanigans in Warren

While I don't support recalling state reps who are term limited (stick to senators and Granholm), this is shady.

The Macomb County Election Commission in Mount Clemens said the recall language was unclear and voted 2-1 to reject the petition prepared against Rep. Steve Bieda, D-Warren. Last month, Bieda was among the majority of lawmakers who supported increasing the state income tax from 3.9 to 4.35 percent and expanding the 6-percent sales tax to a number of previously exempt services. Together, the two levies are expected to generate about $1.4 billion annually when fully implemented.

Backers of the recall effort promised a quick appeal, saying the language clearly spelled out that the tax votes were the reason for the recall.

"The state of case law says the standard for clarity petitions is between lenient and very lenient. But sadly, politics trumped the rule of law here," said Greg Schmid, a Saginaw attorney who said he will file an appeal within the allotted 10 days.

"They don't want a recall to be conducted and their clear purpose is to delay. They can run, but they can't hide," he added.

2-1, Democrats vote to block the recall. Wonder why? Partisan politics, especially since a lot of emphasis is given to the clarity language to make sure it is legitimate.

This is going to appeal. We'll see what happens here. The good news no matter what happens is that Bieda is gone after the 08 elections anyway. That's good to see. He's one of the five worst reps in the legislature.

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