Sunday, December 16, 2007



Some good news. The State Senate passed the house bill legalizing MMA in Michigan. It's now in Granholm's hands. The vote was 22-12 from what I can remember and did not go on partisan lines. It took members in both parties to pass this one and the alliances were not what I'm used to seeing.

Some bad news. Phone taxes were raised. This comes right after Granholm says she'll never raise taxes again.

Big snowstorm here. Let's be careful out there.


RDBrit said...

Welcome back, Dan, to the land of the living.
I trust the exams went well?

Unknown said...

I hate driving in snowstorms. 999 drivers can treat the snow with respect and drive carefully, but they still get screwed up by driver who insists on driving recklessly and causing an accident. said...

Just make sure you don't get into an accident with an MMA fighter. That wouldn't go well.