Saturday, January 12, 2008

Americans for Prosperity Report

Now that I blew off some steam from the 2nd Amendment betrayal.... Today I was the Americans for Prosperity event in Livonia. It was a summit for economic conservatives. All the presidential campaigns on the GOP side has some support there, and three candidates were there themselves. Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Duncan Hunter. Steve Moore (Wall Street Journal), Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform), and the token libertarian from ABC News, John Stossel, was there as well.

Most of the speakers talked about the biggest problem in this state. Too much government. Too many taxes. Too much spending. Too much regulation. Who can do a better job running our lives - us, or the government.

Nick from Right Michigan and EM Zanotti from American Princess also liveblogged the event and commented on the speakers and candidates there.

Romney - He did well. I though he laid an egg at Mackinac considering he is a very capable speaker. Mitt sounded "real" here. This was a purely meat and potatoes economic and change speech. That's his strength. He's not Washington. He talked about cleaning up the Olympics and Massachusetts, balancing budgets, and not raising taxes. He dropped most of the social issues talk, especially the gay marriage stuff.

McCain - McCain has two strong things going for him. One is his military background. The other is his consistency on the earmarks. On Bridges to Nowhere, he walked the walked. I also have to give him some credit. I almost NEVER see any candidates take questions from the crowd anymore. The only one I've seen do so this election season was from Duncan Hunter at his Troy event. McCain's stance on immigration doesn't sell well out here at all. That's no surprise considering the jobs situation here. (Buchananism is making a comeback in these parts) He answered them. I don't support some of the heckling from the crowd when he was interrupted. I wanted to hear why he supported what he did. Some people there were undecided voters and wanted to hear what he had to say.

Duncan Hunter - Too bad nobody gave him a chance in the beginning. If everyone had equal time and chance to win, I'd vote for him in a minute. If he was getting 5-10% in the polls, I'd have voted for him. He didn't have a good time slot, but he made the best of the time he had. Hunter is an ex Army Ranger. The most cheering in the crowd I think came for him during the talk of his accomplishment of building the fence near his home of San Diego. He also talked about his vote againt NAFTA, GATT, and those bad trade deals, as well as the cheating from the Chinese Government with their currency devaluation. One of the other issues not talked about much outside of Hunter is that China is using our money to build a stronger military while we outsource our manufacturing. We need to build our defense here. I hope Hunter stays active and runs for Senate or is tapped for the VP or cabinent position. We need some help there. On a side note, his son, also named Duncan, is running for his dad's spot in Congress. Duncan D. Hunter is a Marine Captain who served two tours in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. His stances on the issues are very similar to his father's. I wish him the best of luck in his race.

Overall, it was a good event. I hope AFP stays active, especially in this state as we have three more years of the Matt Millen of Governors, as well as at least one more year of a leftist democrat controlled state house, and three more years of a center-left majority in the senate (even if Republicans control it). Our work is cut out for us and we must stay vigiliant.


Unknown said...

I was at a small event with Mitt Romney in Lansing this past Friday and he took questions from the audience. The first question I can't even remember because his answer had nothing to do with it. After the first question he announced he was short on time and could only take one more question, many hands were raised but he picked a girl in her early 20s who said in a (sort of) fake way how excited she was he was there and thrilled she was to meet him, etc.

Unknown said...

It will be nice of Fred Thompson pulls off a bit of a surprise there. I know he went straight to South Carolina but I suspect that Michigan is smart enough to have watched the debates and know who the best candidate is.

Unknown said...

That would be great, I wish he was going to be in Michigan I would love to see him!