Friday, January 04, 2008

Chris Dodd also taps out

I missed this from the Baltimore Sun. Dodd and Biden are BOTH gone. Mike Gravel and Bill Richardson are staying in for now. No one has dropped yet on the GOP side so far, although some rumbling are being mentioned.

DES MOINES -- The first victim of the Iowa caucuses: Sen. Chris Dodd.

"Tonight I am withdrawing from the Presidential race. But let me assure you, we do not exit this race with our heads hanging - rather, we do so with our heads held high," Dodd told supporters tonight.

"They say that you can measure how people feel about you by how hard they are willing to work for you."

Going by the polls, that support didn't extend to Iowa voters, who delivered Dodd 0 percent of their final votes.

According to the Associated Press, Sen. Joseph Biden would soon follow Dodd out the exit

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