Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Updates

Hopefully, we'll get back on track here soon. In the meantime.

Florida went for McCain. Rudy's out after a 3rd place finish. He's backing McCain. Edwards is probably out and backing Obama.

Kwame Kilpatrick's dealing with a perjury scandal. I think he'll get off scot-free,
but we'll see.

Granholm gave us another pile of horse manure in her state of the state address. I skipped it. I don't even care what the Matt Millen of governors has to say.

Mike Randall resigned as county commissioner awhile back. He took a new job with the county so he had to resign. Six candidates for replacement are:

Marty Belser, former commissioner.
Dr. William Earl - former Howell Twp super
Harry Bowman, realtor
Margo Heinonen, judicial clerk
Josiah Goyt, fire inspector
Jim Mantey, Farm Bureau insurance agent

The appointed commissioner will serve until the November election when Randall's term ends. My money for the appointment is Marty Belser as he's been there before, but I haven't had a chance to be up at the commish meeting in awhile so I can't say for certain.

Lastly, February 5th is the big day in the 08 primary. Super Tuesday, as they call it. Things may be decided there who the nominees are going to be.

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Unknown said...

The primary season is turning out to have some surprises.

On the Democrat side, Obama is mounting a very credible challange against Hillary. Mrs. Clinton has an ace in the hole, in the form of the Democrat super delegates that are expected to overwhelmingly support her. But Obama is definitely pouring it on, and we can't rule out an upset.

On the Republican side things have changed drastically in the last few weeks. Rudy, who once dominated the polls, fizzled out miserably. McCain, who was struggling just a few weeks ago, suddenly finds himself in the lead. Huckabee mounted a good challange in a couple of states, but is running a weak 3rd and is rumored to be out of money and struggling.

So it is shaping up to be a race between Romney and McCain.

McCain claims to be a conservative, but exit polling in Florida shows that the base of his support came from independents and the center-left of the Republican party, while the larger conservative Republican vote was mostly split between Romney and Huckabee, with many Huckabee supporters saying they would support Romney if Huckabee were to drop out.

Many people are asking why Huckabee doesn't drop out and let the heavyweights fight it out. There are even rumors going around that Huckabee has a deal with McCain to stay in the race to keep Romney from winning.

It is no secret that the conservative Reagan wing of the party strongly despises McCain, and his sudden rise to the top has been a major topic of discussion in the conservative media this week, with some threatening to sit out the election this fall rather than pull the lever for McCain.

Many conservatives also distrust Romney and I've heard people threaten to sit out the race if HE gets the nomination. But the feeling on radio seems to be that Romney is the better choice because we KNOW McCain will screw conservatives, while we can HOPE that MAYBE Romney will side with conservaties on important issues.

What a choice. As my dad used to say, conservatives are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We'll just have to wait to see what happens. Regardless, we can be sure that this coming Tuesday will be the most heavily watched primary day and the results could possibly decide the outcome for both parties.