Thursday, May 15, 2008

County Democrat Chair knocked out (and other townships news)


5/14/08 - It appears as though the two challengers running for the Supervisor post in Green Oak Township have been disqualified from the August 5th primary. Attorney Matt Evans, who serves as chair of the local Democratic Party, and Planning Commissioner John Mogelnicki, a Republican, filed yesterday to run against GOP Supervisor Mark St. Charles. Clerk Michael Sedlak, who serves on the township board with St. Charles, tells WHMI that after reviewing the nominating signatures on each petition, both failed to meet the 20 signature minimum. According to Livingston County Elections Supervisor Joan Runyan, it is up to each municipal clerk to validate petition signatures. Mogelnicki had two signatures disqualified and Evans had five. Both had duplicate signatures on their petitions and under Michigan Election Law, a citizen cannot sign multiple petitions for the same office unless there are multiple vacancies for that office. Mogelnicki had no comment earlier this afternoon and told WHMI he was unaware of any disqualification. Evans says they have yet to review the petitions or receive any official notification. Both Evans and Mogelnicki now have the option to file as write-in candidates. No signatures are required but they must file by July 25th. (JM)

Ouch! This shocked me. It's also embarassing for the democrats. Green Oak leans republican, but it does have some democrat areas in it. It also has some strong organization. I am surprised that Matt Evans couldn't get 20 valid signatures. What this tells me is that the democrats found out at the last minute that they didn't have enough candidates to fill their spots, and usually when that happens, the chair runs himself. Matt got his signatures in. I have to wonder if Matt thought Mogelnicki was a democrat and ran after he filed as a "republican". Matt ran a good campaign in 06, well enough to give Jack LaBelle a scare in the commissioner race. That's what makes this that surprising. I heard Mogelnicki thought this worked like the state races where $100 fee is an alternative to collecting signatures.

I talked to Allan Fillip yesterday. Republicans had someone running for every position. No democrat will win by default. We had that happen last time. Unacceptable everywhere, and especially here.

Township preview:
Green Oak - Mark St Charles is currently unopposed as super for now. Matt Evans can still run as a write in. So can Mogelnicki. For Clerk, Michael Sedlak will be facing former Democrat party treasurer Walt Ernst in the general. The treasurer, Susan Daughtery, is unopposed. Five Republicans and two democrats are running for the trustee positions. I'm not positive, but I think there may be four openings.

Brighton Township - Brighton Township is very contested in the primary. No democrats have filed. Controversial Bud "tree ordinance" Prine is not running. Ken Wilkinson is trying again for supervisor and is challenged by current trustee Tom Murphy. Murphy would have my vote in a minute, and not as a vote against the other person either. Lana Theis is challenging Geri Harmon for the treasury position there. Lana would have my vote. The Republican party is in dire need for fiscal conservatives right now. Lana is a strong supporter of property rights and led the referendum against the very restrictive tree ordanince. I wish the care for Brighton site was still up from a few years back. Among the trustees, Mike Slaton and Cathy Doughty are running again. I'd vote for Slaton. Challengers are Chuck Moran, Jim Kovitz, Jason Welter, and John Rogers. John's an ex township supervisor, and also Mike and Bill's dad. I'm not sure if there are three or four trustee openings. Chuck and John are good people. I do not know Kovitz or Welter.

Cohoctah - There were a couple of last minute filings out there so the openings are full. The only contest there is in the general for clerk. Brenda Meek (R) v Tammy Moen (D).

Conway - Very active primary there. For Super, Bob Burke is taking on incumbent Michael Rife. Three people are running for clerk. Gary Benson, Cindy Dickerson, and Allison Killen. Three people are running for trustee. I'm not sure how many openings are there.

Deerfield - uncontested, I believe.

Genoa - Only contest is Gary McCririe facing Tom Rafferty in the primary.

Handy - There's a contest for the trustee race, unlike last time when Democrat Robert Rettinger won uncontested. Five are running (including Rettinger) for I believe two spots.

Hartland - Victor Law is facing incumbent Ann Ulrich in a rematch of 06.

Howell Township - Mira Spyres is challenging Carolyn Eaton in the primary.

Iosco Township - Amanda DeGroot Opolka is challenging Dan Delmerico in the primary.

Marion Township - Five trustees are running for four positions in the primary.

Osceola Township - Uncontested

Putnum Township - Three are running for treasurer. Pat Carney, Carrie Humble, and Pamela Kekes. For trustee, two republicans and two democrats are running. Jerry Balk is a strong independent and supporter of fiscal responsibility. I'd vote for him.

Tyrone Township - There's a contest for clerk and treasurer. For clerk, Keith Kremer is facing incumbent Hod Morton. Robert Fahndrich is challenging incumbent David Kurtz for treasurer. Six are running for four trustee positions.

Unadilla - The most competitive partisan township in the county has only one partisan battle. For trustee, three republicans and two democrats are running for I believe two positions. There is a primary battle between Linda Walker and incumbent James Peterson for supervisor.

Lastly, Hamburg - I'm real surprised the democrats are not gunning for Hamburg, since with the infighting going on there between two personality factions, they probably had a decent shot to win. I think we dodged a bullet there. I'll leave the details out of the infighting and what I know about. I don't live in Hamburg. For supervisor, Incumbent Cindy Pine is facing trustee Pat Hohl and Don Burtraw. For Clerk, Matt Skiba is facing incumbent Joanna Hardesty. For Treasurer, Pat Evon is facing Roberta Balon-Vaughn. For Trustee, eight people are running, including former supervisor Howard Dillman.

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