Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why is this controversial?

The Grand Rapids Press had a story about concealed pistols in national parks.

Most of the old rules on guns in national parks and federal lands are due to fears of poaching. Concealed pistol holders aren't poachers. Many are not even hunters. Poaching is already illegal, should be illegal, and if I ever see a poacher, I'm turning him in as they give hunters a bad name.

However, if there is anyplace in Michigan I would want my pistol, it is in these areas in the middle of nowhere. I'd rather be carrying on Isle Royale than I would on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit. I consider myself a fairly tough guy, but I am no match for a bear, a deer in rutting season, a moose, a cougar that supposedly isn't in Michigan or a pack of wolves. I'd rather not go up against coyotes or raccoons and their rabies either. Now, trouble with those critters is rare, mostly because they do not have much contact with humans. That's a good thing as they associate humans with trouble....and not food. However, many critters are losing their fear of humans associating them with food. Many a campsite has been invaded by a hungry black bear wanting to ransack thier garbage, coolers, and food they sense with their noses. Many others do not respect nature and feed them. This leads to familiarity, less fear of people, and more possible trouble down the road. Encounters happen, and preparation is a good thing.

A few years back, I saw two bears when I was deer hunting. I'm glad I was armed. They were a good distance away, about 250 yards or so away. They weren't a major threat, but it was good to be aware of them. I did not have any plans to shoot them, and did not do so. It wasn't bear season, and I was not in imminent danger of being harmed by them. These wern't camp ransackers and had a healthy fear of people. No one was hurt. No property destroyed. No bears were hurt.

Concealed carry does not lead to poaching. It hasn't here in the state, and it won't elsewhere.

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Vive liberty.


Unknown said...

I spend a lot of time in wilderness areas and personally, I fear two legged predators much more than most four legged animals.

Crime is a growing problem in parks because few people and no legal weapons makes for easy targets, and many criminals know this.