Friday, August 01, 2008

Eric Doster for Judge (Michigan Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit)

The most important race on the primary ballot is the least known race. There is one judicial election this August (Jay Drick and Theresa Brennan are on the November ballot only this year). Now the comment I made that was so controversial for a district court race in 2006 is that liberal judges on the district and circuit level are future candidates for the Court of Appeals. We have one left leaning circuit judge out in Lansing who is trying to do just that in this very race, and she wants to replace a conservative. We need to make sure the courts are referees and not the 4th legislative branch.

When it comes to the Court of Appeals, we need judges who would interpret the law and not make it. It is in most cases, the court of last resort as most cases do not go to the Supreme Court. While the Supreme Court rulings are binding on the Court of Appeals, there is incredibly leeway for judicial decisions as noticed by the differences between the ultra leftist US 9th Circuit (nicknamed the 9th Circus) epidomized by legend Stephen Reinhardt, and the 5th Circuit which is fairly conservative. Bill Schuette, a believer in judicial restraint, is stepping down from the 4th Circuit.

[b]Eric Doster[/b] would be the best choice for Bill Schette's replacement and would not be a radical change on that court. He's had 20 years of practice at all types of law at the largest law firm in the district (Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith). He's a member of the Federalist Society and would not be a judicial activist. I happen to know Eric, and he's a good man, even tempered, and a good attorney who knows the law and will make a good judge.

Eric Doster would be the best choice for the Court of Appeals.

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Between Republican Michigander and Bill Schuette, Mr. Doster has pulled down a couple of king sized endorsements the last few days!


Jason Gillman said...

By the way, Doster has a few favorable radio ads from the Michigan Chamber.