Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recounts in Livingston County

The Argus reports that there are two recount challenges. One I understand, but the other sounds like nothing more than sour grapes.

The recounts target the Brighton Township treasurer's race and the Conway Township trustee race.

Incumbent Brighton Township Treasurer Geri Harmon lost by 60 votes to challenger Lana Theis.

Joan Runyan, county elections coordinator, said Darlene Harmon, the daughter of the defeated treasurer, filed the request for a recount Wednesday. She said the reason written on the petition was "error."

Runyan said Harmon is requesting a recount of all 10 precincts, which includes absentee ballots. She said Harmon paid $100, which covers the $10-per-precinct charge for a recount.
In Conway Township, challenger Lorianne Swails lost by three votes to incumbent Eric West. The two incumbents, West and Larry Parsons, won re-election in the race where three people were vying for the two positions. Parsons was the top vote-getter, and West was second.

Runyan said Swails filed the recount request, stating on her petition that she lost by only three votes.

Three votes I can certainly understand. 60 votes in one township? That's tough. There were 1630 total votes there. 60 votes there is three or four percentage points.

Going by precinct.

I think Ms. Harmon is wasting her time and both her and the township's money here, but it is her right. These were the precinct numbers, as shown by the County Clerk's office.

Brighton Twp 1 - Harmon 113 Theis 114 (East Central, near Kensington)
Brighton twp 2 - Harmon 38 Theis 74 (Northwest)
Brighton Twp 3 - Harmon 126 Theis 125 (South Central)
Brighton Twp 4 - Harmon 86 Theis 89 (Central)
Brighton Twp 5 - Harmon 33 Theis 35 (Southwest and along I-96)
Brighton Twp 6 - Harmon 106 Theis 114 (Northwest/central)
Brighton Twp 7 - Harmon 87 Theis 68 (Northeast, closer to Milford)
Brighton Twp 8 - Harmon 75 Theis 101 (Southeast near Kensington)
Brighton Twp 9 - Harmon 120 Theis 124 (Most of Woodland Lake)

For clairification, Brighton 2 and 8 were either Lana's home precinct or Tom Murphy's home precinct, and they both ran as a quasi-team.

Overall, I think that's going to be real tough to make up.

3 comments: said...

Toss in the McManus recount and there's some serious action to watch in the coming days!


Jason Gillman said...

What he said..

But true 60 votes? Not sour grapes.. maybe trying to save the job. We know what the Job market is like, and after spending money to maintain what amounts to a clerical position..

I often ponder the benefits of "electing" our treasurers, rather than having our elected supervisors HIRE the best qualified.

Good post.

Lori said...

Funny how Harmon is doing the same thing she excoriated Ken Wilkinson for doing. But it's okay now that she wants a recount, right?