Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got my Absentee Ballot

I got my absentee ballot in the mail today. I've never voted straight ticket, but came closest to doing so this year from Palin on down. All except one contested race. I usually throw off if anywhere, in the trustee races, and this was it once again. I planned on voting against incumbents in the university trustee races. I got the chance to hear all the Republicans at the convention as well which is good since I do not vote blindly. The one race I did not vote for the Republican was for MSU trustee. I voted for Lisa Bouchard, but not for Scott Romney. The reason being the 18% tuition increase. I went for David Brown, the libertarian instead. Lisa Bouchard is a non-incumbent so she received my vote.

Other races of contest on the non partisan portion of the ballot:

Cliff Taylor for Supreme Court. This was my first vote of all. He's one of the best justices in the country, along with Justices Bob Young, Stephen Markman, and Maura Corrigan. Justice Taylor needs to win once again.

"Blank" for 4th Appeals court. I just can't vote for either Manderfield or for Kelly. Kelly might be pro-life, but he's staunchly pro-plaintiff. Manderfield is more favorable to republicans than Kelly, but is too socially liberal (different than social libertarian) to get my vote. Both donated big money to Stabenow and that was the big dealbreaker with me. Sorry Norm if you are reading this, but I just can't do it. I'm going to skip that race and vote for "blank."

Jay Drick for District Court. Jay's running again and will get my vote.


Voting YES on proposal 1 and NO on proposal 2.


Communications guru said...

Wow. Talk about BS. “He's (Taylor) one of the best justices in the country, along with Justices Bob Young, Stephen Markman, and Maura Corrigan.” You mean the leader of the activist judges known as the “Gang of Four?”

In May the University of Chicago Law School released a study that rated the Michigan Supreme Court dead last in effectiveness under Taylor’s leadership. The study cited a lack of judicial independence as the report’s most glaring finding, and it said the Court seems to be especially supportive of businesses.
Here’s the link:

Jay Drick is running again? I guess so. We’re getting people like Wendy Day and your buddies over at the other rightwing Livingston County blog hauling out the lie that Theresa Brennan organized an anti-war rally in Livingston County.

Dan said...

UChicago hired Barack Obama as a professor. Given Obama's crapping all over the constitution in regard to the 1st and 2nd Amendments, I have to wonder about their judgment. Then again, they are located in the worst political city in the country with the Daley machine that Obama's tied with.

Communications guru said...

“Crapping all over the constitution?” The only person throwing crap around is you.

The Morgan Family said...

I just wanted to let you know that my dad's running for the HPS school Board - Dan Fondriest. His website is now up and sice you've blogged about him in the past, I thought I'd give you the link - -
I know he's listed on the Republican party affiliations tickets...
Please check his site out, and feel free to email him at
Michelle Morgan