Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Stoopid!

I don't know who is behind this. This could be someone on the right being an ass (and helping Obama), or someone on the left setting up sympathy for Obama. It could be a few punks thinking this stuff is funny. I'm going to wait on the facts before commenting. If anyone can figure this out, it will be the Secret Service. Before the facts come out, I'll just say that there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. Whoever is guilty needs to get nailed, and this trash can't be tolerated. We have elections, and things should be settled there. The ballot box, not the cartridge box.

From The Argus
As reported last week, one letter was sent to Livingston County Democratic Party headquarters Thursday expressing a “wish” that Obama “gets a bullet.”

A second letter has surfaced, having also been sent Thursday, to a Howell business stating “Think hard about who you are trying to elect you liberal piece of s--- n----- lover.”

Both included the same six-page document printed out from about the college thesis of Obama’s wife, Michelle. Both had the messages next to a photo of the couple.

It’s been confirmed that the second letter was postmarked out of Lansing and came from a “G.W. Bush 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

Secondly, from the Ann Arbor News
Racist slurs were spray-painted across a large Barack Obama presidential campaign billboard alongside a heavily trafficked stretch of US-23 in Pittsfield Township sometime overnight Tuesday.

And the U.S. Secret Service is investigating what now appears to be two threatening letters against Obama that were received in Livingston County, according to news reports.

Michigan State Police were on the scene of the billboard Wednesday morning, and have called in for tracking dogs, police said.

Black spray paint was used to draw three swastikas, symbols of Klan hoods and to write "KKK," "Rebel" and two racial slurs.

The billboard, roughly 10 feet tall by 50 feet wide, is located where Textile Road deadends near US-23, east of Carpenter Road.

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liberalshateusa said...

Look at Lehman Brothers. Remember Nobama was only in congress from 2004

Members of the 110th Congress who have received campaign contributions from Lehman Brothers, 1989-2008

Clinton, Hillary $406,980
Obama, Barack $395,574
Schumer, Charles E $155,950
Dodd, Christopher J $140,400

Talk about a Culture Of Corruption.