Monday, September 08, 2008

Livingston County Candidate Forum, September 23, 8AM

The Argus had this on their website:

Candidates for the 47th and 66th district seas in the Michigan House of Representatives will take part in a candidate forum on Sept. 23 at 8 am at the Livingston Regional M-TEC in Howell.

They incorrectly have the wrong website for the sponsors. It's


Brighton, Fowlerville, Howell

8 a.m.

Livingston Regional M-TEC, 1240 Packard Drive, Howell

47th-66th State House District Candidates Donna Anderson, Cindy Denby, Scott Lucas, Bill Rogers

I'm not a fan of the polticial stance from the Center for Michigan and their push for the constitutional convention, but I'll give them kudos for setting this up. Tuesdays are usually a bad day for me, but if I can make it I will. I've never seen Scott Lucas in action, and I think Anderson v Rogers is an interesting matchup.

IMO, the more forums and debates, the better, as long as the questions are good and issues based, and not the crap being spewed by the New York/DC media the last few days.

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