Tuesday, September 02, 2008


First, I won't get into details here, but I'm still on board the Palin campaign and I'm absolutely disgusted at the media and their treatment of the current situation. It also looks like the Kos poster who ran his mouth the most got outed. Oh well.....

Secondly, The Argus had a good piece on Russ Spencer, one of the delegates to the RNC convention out of Livingston County. Russ is a good man I'm known for years and personifies the American dream. He came here from England with a few hundred bucks and decided to stay and made a good living.

Lastly from the infamous prosecutor Mike Nifong's home, another innocent man gets released out of prison. From Durham County.

In a scorching ruling today, the state Court of Appeals threw out the conviction of a man serving more than 60 years in prison on burglary, robbery and sexual assault charges, saying the Durham District Attorney's Office unfairly delayed his trial for nearly five years.
The ruling could lead to freedom for Frankie Delano Washington, 47, an auto mechanic who was convicted of multiple charges last year in a 2002 invasion of a family's home in Trinity Park in Durham. Because the opinion was unanimous, the state has no automatic right to take the appeal further.


Prosecutors blamed the delay in Washington's trial in part to the length of time required for the SBI to analyze evidence in the case. But police and prosecutors took three years to submit the evidence to the SBI, with part of the delay coming even after a judge ordered lab tests of the evidence.

As it turned out, fingerprints and DNA evidence in the case did not match Washington.

Washington lost his right to a fair trial because of the delay, McCullough found. The delay impaired his ability to challenge the identification, caused the loss of circumstantial evidence and made it more likely that witnesses could have been mistaken when they identified him in court five years after the crime, McCullough wrote.

I don't know if Mike Nifong was prosecutor there at the time, of if it was his boss, but it was certainly that machine.


Geoff said...

I am a huge Obama supporter, but let me say that I agree with you 100% that the liberal media is wrong to attack Palin's family. Obama himself even condoned it.

I hope we can all just stick to the issues. Palin's family has nothing to do with her potential ability to be VP. From one American to another, I hope everything works out with her family situation.

Communications guru said...

This is about hypocrisy. Conservatives have labeled liberals as Godless and having no morals for the last decade or so, and conservatives claim they are the party of family values and morals. Incident after incident has shown that not to be true, and this is one more incident. I think the republicans attempt to paint themselves as the party of family values makes the story at least worth reporting. You need to remember McCain is embracing the same GWB whose campaign smeared him by claiming his adopted daughter from Bangladesh was a black child from an out-of-wedlock relationship.

I think the two conventions have show we are the party of family values. To me, it shows how stupid abstinence only sex education really is. That just needs to be a part of the discussion. As for her mother's fitness for being VP, this has no bearing or effect for me. Her qualifications, judgment and ethics questions make it clear she is not. The daughter's decision to have the baby is her choice and better than the decision to have an abortion, but she should have a choice.

Red Or Dead said...

Palin's speech tonite will prove Kevin is as full of it as Barrys shorts are. Both need to be changed.

Communications guru said...

I want to see her at a press conference, not reading some speech somebody else wrote, Commie or Dead.

liberalshateusa said...

You are an ass. Do you think NOBAMA writes his own speeches.
The man is an EMPTY SUIT, in a debate he consistently is saying err and stumbles.


AT the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, N.H., Jon Favreau sipped Diet Coke and munched on carrot sticks and crackers to pass the time. His boss, Senator Barack Obama, wandered in and out of the room.
Mr. Favreau, the campaign’s 26-year-old head speechwriter

Communist Guru