Friday, October 03, 2008

Bailout passes house, will become law

Bad news. The house passed the Dodd/Reid/McConnell/Paulson/Bush bailout bill. The worse news is that this is the exact Senate bill so this will not go to conference committee. It will go strictly to Bush's desk where he will sign this.

YEA - 263 - 172 Democrats, 91 Republicans
NAY - 171 - 108 Republicans, 63 Democrats.

Both parties are to blame for this turkey.

Michigan Delegation:
Camp, Dingell, Ehlers, Hoekstra, Kildee, Kilpatrick Knollenberg, Levin, Upton
Conyers, McCotter, Miller, Rogers, Stupak, Walberg.

Thanks Mike. You did your part. So did McCotter.

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