Friday, November 07, 2008

Allan Filip running for 8th District GOP Chair

I knew this already, but was keeping it quiet until the Argus had this.

Allan Filip will not seek reelection after receiving the endorsement for 8th congressional district chairman.

"I will always cherish the honor of having served as chairman of the Livingston GOP over the last two years. I am proud of our group's accomplishments, Filip said. "I look forward to new challenges in the 8th district and hope we can build on the success of the Livingston GOP. I will continue to be very active in Livingston County."

Fillip made the announcement on Thursday night. He was endorsed by Mike Rogers and Larry Ward.

I think Allan did a good job for the party. Without going into details, it was a mess at the end of 06. I'm not going to point fingers on that here. It's done and over. Old news. The first thing is that the new leadership calmed some things down that needed to be calmed. That worked well for him as he wasn't a fan of inside baseball. He did well at putting some of the factions of the party back together and worked well with others. I was a Ron Paul supporter. He was a Romney supporter. Allan and I still worked well together. That doesn't mean we always agree, but we agreed much more than we disagreed and when we disagreed, we did so respectfully. I disappeared for a while from the inside stuff, but still kept in touch and did saw enough to see some of the good changes that took place.

Today, a good foundation is in place, and without the work the county put in, I have no doubt at least two races, if not possibly three or four would have been carried by democrats. That wasn't all Allan, but he was part of it. When McCain left the state, our county still had the capacity to do some things on our own.

Are things perfect? No. But I judge a leadership role of officers by this. Did the chair of the Livingston GOP leave the spot in a better position now than he did when he took it over? The answer is yes. That's all I can ask. Same goes for any other organizational position, VP, both Treasurers, and both Secretaries.

I know one person who is running for Allan's spot, and I'm probably backing him. I won't disclose that here yet. Stay tuned. Good luck to Allan for the 8th District spot. He's got my support, as well as the support of the previous chair, Larry Ward.

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