Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blunt steps down from leadership

From Redstate

Roy Blunt is out as Whip. He held a press conference earlier.

This opens the Whip job for Cantor.

A team is coming together. With Adam Putnam and Kay Granger leaving, that clears those seats. Can we fit Hensarling in to one of those spots?

That's a start, but why the hell is "crap sandwich" Boehner still there? He needs to step down as well or get voted out of leadership. After 06 and his weak leadership in 08, he needs to stop his Matt Millen leadership.

We need ideas people in charge. The leading name I'm hearing is Cantor. He's an improvement, but I'd rather see Pence, Hensarling, Blackburn, or someone of that vein who can compete with ideas and then communicate them as alternatives to the big leftism of Obama, Pelosi, etc.

In other news, Dow down 300+ so far. It was down 500+ yesterday after Obama one. He's already tanking the economy. Oh well. You all voted for him. Walk it off.

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