Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just Win Baby!

This may be my last post before the election. I got a real busy week both before during and after Election Day. Sometime, more than likely next week when things calm down, I'll post the analysis, results, home runs, and blunders of epic proportions committed on all sides, and where things go from there. I don't know who will win, and depending on difference situations, I can see either side winning this, or more accurately, either side giving the election away to the other guy.

There's been a lot of hype with the polls ranging from blowouts to the margin of error to near ties under 50% depending on the polling firm and sampling used. Which polls are accurate? Only one. The one on election day itself.

That stuff is for the most part out or our control. Unlike many on the left, I know I can't control what others do. However we can control what we can control. If we want to win, there are several things we can do. If we're to stop Obama's "Civillian National Security Force" and his goon squads from trying to shut us up, take our guns, raise our taxes, expanding government, and grabbing our freedoms, this is what we must do:

1. Vote. I already have. This is most important.
2. Get others of friendly persuasion to vote if they haven't.
3. Sign up if still possible to be Poll Challengers to maintain the integrity of the polls.
4. If unable to do that, be a poll watcher to maintain the integrity of the polls.

With Barack's Chicago-Daley style of politcs, that needs to be watched now more than ever. I won't be live blogging this election, since I'll be out in the middle of the action, and won't be taking my valuables like a computer with me. I don't know what to expect. I will be prepared for literally anything.

Defend Freedom! Defeat Obama! Defeat his cult! Defeat his goon squads! Defeat the media! Defeat the left! Defeat the Chicago Daley machine!


Jason Gillman said...

Buy firearms. You might have to use them someday...

Unknown said...

3. Sign up if still possible to be Poll Challengers to maintain the integrity of the polls.

A member of this goon squad wrote my name on a Challenge List this morning because I refused to show ID when I voted, as I always do (or do not do.) This man overstepped his bounds according to what I have read on a Guide to Challengers document.

I do not agree with the new rule to show ID and think its un-American. Why did the people not get to vote on this new rule before it was enacted "for our own good"? I understand new voting practices are in the works to force us to "swipe" our licence or other ID to vote. This is also too police state for me.