Saturday, December 20, 2008

Heads up for Next year

The good news is that we didn't get hit as bad as we could have in lame duck over in Lansing. The anti-freedom ban on smoking in privately owned businesses did not get passed conference. That is good news for those who support businesses to make their own decisions without the interference of the government goon squads. I'd keep an eye out on that next year.

Blue Cross reform is another issues. I have to read that more in depth to make a decision on whether to support or oppose that. That may be coming back.

What concerns me the most though is an increase in the gas tax. That talk was rumbling a bit in the last month after the insiders in Lansing have been pushing hard for it in the name of the roads. That needs to be watched very closely.


Communications guru said...

It’s not an “anti-freedom ban on smoking” it’s a defeat for the health of the 75 percent of innocent Michigan residents who do not smoke. This is a public health issue, not a choice issue. If that were the case, we should do way with all of those freedom stealing health department inspections for cleanliness.

Bishop did everything he could to kill this bill, despite overwhelming support from the public. You knew he was not serious about giving this a fair shake when he assigned Cropsey and Sanborn to the conference committee.

He has done everything to thwart the bill, and somehow he has tried to blame Andy Dillon for the failure of this common sense public health measure.

Bachbone said...

CG compares apples and oranges and gets typical Progressive/Liberal/Democrat illogicality. I don't have any right to waltz into a shop's kitchen to check on it's cleanliness. I can stick my head in the door of a shop and see for myself if there is smoke hanging in the air, or ask if smoking is permitted, and if it is, I can leave if I don't like it.

The next illogical step, I supppose, is like New York: tax non-diet pop, because kids are drinking too much of it and getting fat. Gosh, wait a moment...most diet pop has aspartame in it, and the food police claim that can cause cancer! Those are "public health issues," too. Liberals can make everything a "public health issue" in their twisted thinking. Where does it stop?

Communications guru said...

That argument is illogical. First, this is a public health issue, not a choice issue. Secondhand smoke is deadly and causes numerous diseases, as does Salmonella and other food borne illnesses. That’s an undisputed fact. That’s why we need laws to protect the public.

The people who work in that toxic atmosphere don’t have a choice, and that’s why the cancer rate for hospitably workers is double that of other people.

If it’s a Progressive/Liberal/Democrat issue, then how did it pass out of the Republican controlled Senate by a vote of 25-12?

There is a tax on a lot of things. I don’t see the relevance of that to this issue?