Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eric Holder - Unacceptable - Janet Reno part II

While there isn't a chance in hell it will happen, the US Senate needs to tell Obama that Holder is unacceptable and that he needs to pick someone better.

We do not need someone with disrespect for freedom and someone who thinks the government is above the law like Eric Holder and Janet Reno believe. For the record, Mulaskey and Gonzalez were poor AG's. Ashcroft was a disappointment. Reno was even worse than all of them.

Why is Holder unacceptable?

1. He was deputy AG for Janet Reno. That alone raises red flags. While Reno was the Butcher of Waco, Holder wasn't part of that as he joined in 1997. There was still plenty of problems during his tenure in Stonewall Reno's cabinent.

First off, the pardons. Those have been covered in much of the news. Clinton pardoned FARQ terrorists, and Mark Rich. There was also the stonewalling of Clinton's contributions from Chinese government. While most of the hype of Clinton comes from the Vince Foster death or the Lewinsky (big deal) scandal, the worst was taking the money from Chinese government. Reno put a stop to that, and Holder was part of it.

2. Just recently, he affirmed his distain for the 2nd Amendment with his amicus brief. There's the brief. It was signed by the Reno "justice" department, including Eric Holder. The most incompetent security official in American History also signed it, Jamie Gorelick (who was also part of Reno's department). Seth Waxman (part of Reno's team) was also part of that team and is well known to gun owners in the 1990's. Just as it was a long eight years for gun owners facing discrimination from Reno, it will be another long four years under Holder as AG, as he spits on the constitution just like Reno did.

3. As a US attorney, he went after a law abiding citizen on a technicality over the DC law. This shows his overzealousness and shows an almost Mike Nifong style of judgment. From Legal Times.

In its letter (pdf), the NRA cites a criminal case from Holder’s time as U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia in which a New York man was convicted of carrying a pistol without a license. Robert Bieder, who was licensed to carry a gun in New York, had brought the gun to Virginia for recreational purposes and, while returning to New York, stopped in Washington to visit the U.S. Capitol with his daughter. When he tried to check the gun with the Capitol Police, Bieder was arrested.

“Pursuing this trivial case to such lengths imposed substantial costs on taxpayers, with no benefit at all to public safety,” reads the NRA letter. “A reasonable prosecutor might have exercised his discretion by sending Mr. Bieder home to New York with a far better understanding of the District’s strict gun laws. That Mr. Holder chose to do otherwise raises serious questions about his judgment.”

I know some democrats are going to mention Bush's AG's. I'm not a fan of them either. Ashcroft was a disapointment. Gonzales was a crony. Mulaskey is what I expected as he is a friend of Chuck Schumer. Reno was the worst of all of them though, going back to Waco, and her stonewalling. Holder is a yesman to Reno, and has shown distain of his own towards the constitution and needs to get defeated.

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Communications guru said...

Wow. Talk about gall. "We do not need someone with disrespect for freedom and someone who thinks the government is above the law?"

Wow. I'm at a loss for words for you to say something like that after Aschroft and Gonzalez pissed on the Constitution. You are a piece of work. Waco and not allowing unchecked access to deadly weapons is your reason? Just pathetic.