Thursday, January 08, 2009

Media loves style over substance

That is the mantra of the cult of Obama. It's about the celebrity, and I wasted my time reading this Free Press editorial that is reprinted in the Argus.

From the Argus

Barack Obama's inauguration has to feel right.

That's no small task when the nation is marking the historic first election of a black man to the presidency while facing an economy in the tank, a confounding war in Iraq and uncertainty around the globe.

Too little pomp, and the event would seem to reinforce — especially for African Americans — the notion that minority milestones inevitably receive short shrift. Too much gala or glitter, and the country might be repulsed at the ostentation during a time of such obvious hardship for so many.

So it really is about tone, which isn't necessarily defined by money or size alone. It's about what Obama says, what's celebrated (and how) during the ceremony, and what message the new president hopes to deliver to Americans.

What a bunch of superficial malarkey, Bullshit, Crap, Caca, Doo doo, excrement, Manure, Horsefeathers, Poop, and as the late George Carlin says, "Good ole, number 2."

As bad as Obama's ideology and voting record has been, it is his cult of personality and the media's cult of personality around him that probably grate me the most. The media is obsessed with "Camelot" and JFK/RFK and wants to create American royalty and the next "Bobby." (Sadly, some Republicans want to do the same with Reagan, who while a great president, was not king - but at least I remember Reagan).

Obama can do whatever he wants for his inauguration. I couldn't give a rat's ass about how it feels to the Detroit Free Press, or anyone else as long as it doesn't waste too much of my tax money, and usually private funders take care of it. I didn't care how Bush's or Clinton's ceremonies went. That's his moment, good for him. I'll be watching to see what he does the next 100 days.

What bothers me about this editorial is that it is a magnification of the biggest problem in American politics and American attitudes today. There was no substance of any sort. It was all about "feelings" and "tone." It was not about substance, issues, and specifics on the direction of this country. It was the same old cult of personality which has been forced on us by Axelrod and Big Media going back to 2004 and Obama's DNC speech that launched his career. "Hope and Change." Hope for what, and what change? That's what I'm waiting for. Talk is cheap. Action counts. Politicians have been promising change for years. I've seen many talk the talk, and Obama was the best at talking the talk since Clinton, but walking the walk is what is important, and Obama has been a complete failure as a senator. So has 90% of the Senate which is a collective body of failures.

One of my favorite sports quotes can appply to this country in spades. Back in 2000, Michigan State's national title game dropped its first Big Ten conference game in 26 contests. Tom Izzo had this quote about his team. ""We've got to drop the pretty-boy attitude and adopt a meat-and-potatoes attitude."" I have no idea of Coach Izzo's politics, but his message to his basketball team and it's blue collar attitudes need to be adopted to this country's political systems fast.

2 comments: said...

The style over substance preference certainly isn't new. Take a look at how they handled people like Sarah Palin and even Dick DeVos here locally.

Flash sells more newspapers than accuracy and we're all a lot worse off because of it.


Communications guru said...

Can I get you a Kleenex to wipe the tears? What a ridiculous, misplaced rant. And what does wrongMichgna guy know about the media, or writing for that matter? All he knows is he can't do it, and he allows no dissenting voices or opinions.