Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama's 1100 page "stimulus" package passed

$787 Billion dollars spent by government in an attempt to "stimulate" the economy. Government, lead by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, are trying the Keynesian trick to spend into prosperity. This is on top of the $160 Billion dollars last year from Bush, Reid, and Pelosi last year. Instead of "Change" from Obama, we get an extreme form of the worst parts of Bush's presidency - Big government spending. From the Prescription Drugs act to No Child Left Behind, to the stimulus packages, to the bailouts. This spending is on top of the bailouts we have seen passed by Bush, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama.

Already the democrats are spinning opposition to this as a support of the policies of the past eight years. That is an absolute crock of bullshit! I repeat. Bullshit. Aside from the dollar amounts, the Obama fiscal policies, so far, are no different from the policies of Bush since 2002. Meet the New Boss, worse version of the old boss. Change? REAL change would be a balanced budget, which hasn't been delivered since Gingrich and Armey ran the house.

You can read how bad this bill is over at Thomas. HR1 is the bill, and the version that passed came from conference committee.

Apart from all the pork and regulations that are in this bill, is another issue that is often overlooked. This bill is almost 1100 pages. The GOP Caucus complained that they couldn't read the bill in time. My attitude is this. If I can't read the bill, I'm voting no, period, because I can't sign off on something I did not have enough time to read. I'm not going to assume anything, especially with government. Now, let's just say for the sake of argument that everyone had a couple of days to look it over. 1100 pages is stil an extremely long document. Does it take that many pages to "stimulate the economy?" (Regardless whether or not you agree with the premis) Anything that's 1100 pages has a lot of stuff in small print, and it takes a long time to read. I could MAYBE do it in a full day, and that's if I skim the bill and not fully read it. I've seen parts of it, and that Health Care records portion and government micromanagement that I mentioned in a previous post is more than enough for my opposition to it, even without the price tag and budget deficit.

We've gone from "Borrow and Spend" of the Bush years to "Borrow more and spend more" of the Obama years. This needs to stop and stop quick. It's time for Republicans to go back to the 1994 playbook and stick to it for longer than seven years this time.


bluzie said...

There is a huge difference between the borrow and spend of the Bush administration and the borrow and spend of Obama's.
Bush did his borrow and spend by choice and Obama is borrowing to spend to pull us out of the worst economic crisis in our lifetime.
And right there is a huge improvement!
This bill will have some real multipliers that should greatly help the people of our country.
How did the past President help?
What segment of the population was helped?
Besides the very rich, there are none.

What are we left with after Bush's spending? A destroyed economy and two wars!
I know we will have improved infrastructure, better schools and a real start on alternative energy policy from Obama's stimulus package.

liberalshateusa said...

Earth to Bluzie, did anyone else from your planet survive the crash.

No matter who borrows and spends the next generations of American will be burdened with a mountain of debt.

Barry pushed congress to rush this bill thru(Not one member possible had time to read the entire bill)and he is on a vacation in The Blow hard city for 3 days. Then he will wait until Tuesday to sing the bill. What was the rush to pass the bill?

bluzie said...

Many people in congress were going back to their districts as Monday is President's Day.
What are your thoughts on the Republicans wanting a National Bank?
I find it unusual after being called names like socialist and communist by people like yourself.
BTW can you quit with the insults, it is unnecessary.
People should be able to different opinions without name calling.