Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rick Snyder for governor? Starts off with two strikes.

The race for governor has already begun, and some buzz has come up regarding one of the unknowns who just announced. Rick Snyder, who is a former CEO of Gateway Computers.

From the Ann Arbor News

Ann Arbor resident and venture capitalist Rick Snyder announced today that he has formed an exploratory committee to evaluate and explore a possible run for governor.
A Republican, Snyder is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Ardesta, one of the nation's largest investment firms focused on micro and nanotechnology companies.

He was the former President and COO of Gateway, Inc.

Gateway Computers is strike one. I had a real bad experience with one. He was CEO until 1997. 1997 was when I bought mine that ended up being a disaster. I went through three motherboards, and two harddrives. It was one of the biggest wastes of money I ever bought. I'm still sore about that and have not bought a Gateway since, nor do I plan on doing so.

Nick DeLeeuw at Right Michigan has been following the Rick Snyder campaign heavily, and he's not a supporter of him. There are several threads covering his political activity. I don't know Snyder. I never knowingly met him at any political event. Nick said the same thing. He's an unknown. What I've seen so far, has not been a great impression.

Nick found that he donated to the group supporting Proposal 2. Now I found when I was checking Rick Snyder's campaign records, that he said he was an attorney. One thing that Rick and I will agree on then is that ballot language is important. Did he read the language in proposal 2? Can he tell me what "discourage" means? In the proposal 2 link above, I posted the actual language, and not what politicians say it means. That is strike 2, along with his vague answers to Jerry Zandstra.

He doesn't say what he's going to do. He said he was pro-life, but how does he reconcile that with his big check to prop 2 ("Cure Michigan"). His 2nd Amendment answer was better, but still too vague. He did not mention whether he supported more restrictions. Most importantly, he didn't mention his view for the economy. No specific plans? For someone claimed to fed up with professional politicians, he sounded like one there.

On the positive side, he does support the right judges. That's a start, and good enough for me not to shut the door on his campaign completely with strike 3.

Here's my first question for Mr. Snyder. As CEO of Gateway or any other company, did you authorize or outsource any manufacturing to China or Mexico? Is there even the appearance of doing so? If so, you will lose.

As he was the CEO of Gateway Computers, we all know that will be researched faster than Granholm can say crow about a tax increase. Outsourcing is a major issue and one of the major reasons why Michigan has lost so many jobs. Part of the job losses are Clinton'a NAFTA and GATT. While I support true free trade, those two trade agreements were not real free trade and I opposed them. That was one of the reasons why I support Ron Paul in the GOP primary.

Many conservatives in Michigan are not Republicans. Many pro-life and pro-gun conservatives who do not like taxes are not Republicans. They still think democrats are supportive of the "working man." Now while I disagree because Soros and Hollywood own the party, I'm not going to take the Thomas Frank arrogance and BS approach and tell them that they are voting against their best interest like that jackass tries to tell me. I know that I don't know their best interest and don't claim to do so. Nobody votes against their best interest. What the Republicans have to do is convince them so their interest is to vote for the republican. That's called earning their vote. There's a trust factor there that needs to be earned.

On a sidenote related to the paragraph above, there's one thing within the Michigan GOP that drives me up a wall. Too many people, both establishment and among the grassroots fall in love with candidates who can self-finance...just because they can self-finance. Money is important in politics. That's why people like convicted criminal and anti-capitalist George Soros are so dangerous. It isn't however the only thing. This is Michigan. We are a populist state. Even Michigan-born Mitt Romney could not break 50% here in the primary despite 75% the establishment support (partly due to his ability to self-finance). Michigan, especially in important competitive areas like the UP, Northern Lower outside the Lake Michigan coast, Flint/Saginaw suburbs, the thumb, Macomb County, and Downriver do not trust big-business. That was a big worry I had when Dick DeVos was the nominee. Now, I thought DeVos would have been a very good governor, but I had some concerns as a candidate appealing to working class swing voters because of his background. As soon as I saw the attacks on DeVos and China sticking, I knew it was over, and that we were going to suffer another four years of the Matt Millen of governors. Is Snyder going to face the same attacks as DeVos? Is he able to counter them? Will he have to watch his right flank on social issues as well (which DeVos largely was able to avoid). That's the $64,000 question.

I have not made any early endorsements. I have not jumped on any bandwagon. I will say that I have not been impressed with what little I have seen so far, compared to some of the candidates who are probably running. He has to show me something more than vagnueness and political speak to get my support. There is no third strike, and I haven't shut the door on his campaign yet because of the judicial candidates he's supported. However, there's a lot I need to see before I can jump aboard this bandwagon.

UPDATE - I just found he was tied in with Phil Power's "Center of Michigan" crowd as well. Does he support a state constititutional convention as well? What views does he share with Mr. Power? Tax increases?


Communications guru said...

I agree. The only person who can lead the Republicans party is a conservative. The more conservative the better.

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...

Rick Snyder is pretty amazing and will actually work for the people. Our state has been run by politicians for the 100 years and look where are today. A fresh voice, with new ideas that will actually work for us, the people. Rick is our only hope!

The Complex Games Apologist said...

Michigan Needs a Bloomberg. End of story. He's obviously schooled in a fairly modern interpretation of what the US economy is and will be (his platform steals several key phrases from Thom Friedman's The World Is FLAT).

Party politics is ensconced so deeply into the fabric of state government...and I can't blame either side for this. But I'm meeting Rick tomorrow and depending on my face-to-face reaction I'm going to decide whether to work for him.

And I campaigned for Obama.

Dan said...

You campaigned for Obama. That makes my point with my problems with Snyder. We need a much more libertarian approach away from big government, and I don't see that from Snyder. As far as Bloomberg goes, we need less laws, not more. Bloomberg is more big government than most democrats I know, let alone republicans. That takes work. I think we need more Friedman influence and less Keynesian influence. Milton Friedman that is.

bradkim said...

Unless I am blind, his web-site no-where mentions that he is a Republican. My question is: if he is not proud of being a Republican then how can he lead his party?

Suit317 said...

It's not about leading a party, it's about leading a state out of an economic disaster.

Besides, Snyder's plan includes the elimination of the MBT, and replacing it with a lower 6% corporate income tax. He wants to shrink the size of the state government and is against any increase in taxation. He has made no mention of social issues because those are not important right now in Michigan. The focus for this year's election should be focused on fixing Michigan's business environment and shrinking the size of the government, which Snyder is focused on both those issues.