Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hamburg - Deputy Clerk files compaint over his $0 salary

I think Hamburg Township is going to have to open its pocketbook. From the Argus.

Hamburg Township Deputy Clerk Mike Zeglevski has filed a complaint against Hamburg Township through the Wage and Hour division of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.

The complaint alleges Zeglevski is owed wages from Dec. 17 through Aug. 2 in the amount of $23,066.58.

Hamburg Township Trustee Phil Semprevivo said the township received notice of the complaint Wednesday, though it was postmarked Aug. 20.

The Hamburg Township Board of Trustees has 10 days from the sending date to respond.

On Dec. 16, the board of trustees voted to make Zeglevski's salary zero, effectively making him a volunteer.

Zeglevski was unavailable for comment Wednesday, but Clerk Matt Skiba — who appointed Zeglevski after taking office on Nov. 20 — said Zeglevski deserved to be paid.

"My opinion is I made an appointment, and my deputy should be paid," Skiba said. "I think anybody would expect to be paid for it."

According to Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl, the statutes are very clear regarding this matter. The clerk can hire whomever he or she wishes without board approval, but the board will determine that appointment's salary.

"The statute is very clear that the board sets the pay," Hohl said. "We've stated this several times publicly."

Mike's salary was first set at $50K, then $30K, then $0 when the board was all in a snit over a famous video. I'm pretty sure that townships are not exempt from minimum wage laws. I'm sure they can set it at minimum wage, but setting it at $0 encroaches on statutory duties of the clerk to appoint his deputies, and also is less than minimum wage. An attorney I know who understands local government very well also thinks that is illegal, and said that when the decision was made. He's doesn't have a dog in Hamburg's fight either. The statutes I read awhile back also coincide with that attorney's. John Drury, Hamburg's attorney, thinks otherwise.

This is out of county hands now, so this will be interesting to see. If I was a betting man, my money is on Mike and it is rather clear.


Not-A-RINO said...

The Hamburg board has to realize the deputy clerk is accountable to the Clerk and not them. The State of Michigan has set specific duties for township offices including the Clerk. This board needs to back off and let Mr. Skiba sink or swim on his merits and of his choice of deputy with the voters.

The deputy's position had a salary set before Mr. Zeglevski was appointed to the job and the board should honor it whether they like him or not - compensation is for work performed and not some personality contest. By reducing the deputy's compensation to $0, they are looking like a bunch of micro-managing elitists and fools. While reasonable people could argue for a lower wage because Mr. Zeglevski did not have the longevity of the former deputy, reducing it to zero is unreasonable and possibly illegal. At least they should pay the man the minimum wage, especially since Mr. Hohl, the township supervisor, admitted the position gets a salary in the newspaper article.

The Hamburg board needs to grow up and act like adults rather than a bunch of bullies on a playground.

liberalshateusa said...

Lets all attend (I mean astroturf)the Tea Party Express @ the Brighton Mill Pond 3:30 PM 9-8-09

Not-A-RINO said...

I'll be there! :)