Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

One of my favorite sayings is "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance." Mr. Obama ran his mouth and said Gitmo was being closed. Now regardless of you being for/against closing Gitmo, where are these people going to be placed? We don't know yet.

Mr. Obama wants Michigan to bail his sorry arse out. From the Politico

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said today that he's not aware of federal officials having visited any potential sites for Guantanamo detainees other than a Standish, Mich., state prison slated for closure if it doesn't find new business.

"I've no information that — that we have done a site visit or an evaluation anywhere other than the facility at Standish," Gibbs said at the daily White House briefing for reporters.

There has been speculation that the White House'task force has also considered putting Guantanamo prisoners and perhaps a special military court, too, at the Army's jail in Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., the Navy's brig in Charleston, S.C., or a federal supermax prison in Florence, Colo. Standish is the only locally run facility on that list. Officials at the federal sites referred questions to the White House.

Standish is a small town in Michigan about 30 miles north of Bay City near Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron). Some consider it part of the Bay City area. Some consider it North Michigan. It's a rural area.

Standish Prison Information.

The level V perimeter is protected by 16-foot high double chain link fences topped with razor-ribbon wire, which are monitored with state-of-the-art electronic detection systems. There are five gun towers that overlook the interior of the facility and provide perimeter security. A patrol vehicle with armed personnel constantly patrols the prison perimeter.

Is that good enough for the worst prisoners in Gitmo? The other argument is jobs. If the feds are put in charge, are they going to hire local prison guards, or move their people to the area?

I don't like this for several reasons.

1. Logistics. Easy access to Lake Huron and from there, Canada, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland.

2. Not heavily defended.

3. Too close to home.

4. Bails out Obama's rash decision.

5. It's not a Supermax prison.


Communications guru said...

First, it’s Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Second, it’s President Obama, and he’s keeping a campaign promise that needs to be kept.

Where are they going to be placed? There are plenty of places, and Standish is just one of them. There are already international terrorists being held in U.S. prisons, including the World Trade Center bombers.

“Mr. Obama wants Michigan to bail his sorry arse out?” The only sorry ass is you.

We already know this is a campaign issue for Republicans, and we saw that with the ridiculous Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday staring “Twitter Pete.”

The five reasons you listed - although I have no idea what 4 has no do with it - make it a good choice. Like Tom George says, we are already a target. We have a federal center in Battle Creek, Fort Custer, and other National Guard bases. We have Selfridge Air National Guard Base, VA hospitals, federal courthouses, nuclear power plants and defense contractors.

Peter Bratt said...

I've gained a lot of respect for Tom George this past week. If you don't think that Michigan workers can do the job of securing our prisons, that's your own opinion.

bear said...

I always thought that was a minimum security prison since it's right next to a hospital. Chain link fence seems pretty low-end in the security features to me. The prisons in Ionia seem more "maximum security" then Standish.

IMO, they should put them back into their world and let the troops "guard" them.