Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tax Votes Today?

I caught this from Michigan Liberal of all places. Eric Baerren posted a snippet from Gongwer that shows possible tax increases being voted on today.
From Gongwer via Michigan Liberal:
he House is expected to vote on five revenue bills during Tuesday's session.

House Democrats are expected to caucus for several hours before the vote. If all five revenue proposals were to become law they would raise an estimated $345.8 million.The revenue proposals are:

* a 15 percent reduction in Michigan Business Tax credits, equal to $116.1 million
* raising the state's other tobacco products tax by $41 million
* an extended hours liquor license fee to raise $13.7 million,
* freezing some personal exemptions to the income tax to save $55 million,
* and raising the earned income tax credit by less than the scheduled level to save $120 million.

A sixth proposal to launch a tax on physicians at 3 percent is not expected to come up for a vote today.

It's time for us to call our representatives. Bill Rogers' office just received a call from me. Cindy Denby will receive one as well. I support the extended hours liquor licenses, but that's about it.

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