Monday, November 30, 2009

Independent files in Hamburg

This is going to be interesting. There's now a 3-way race. Normally, I think that would favor a democrat, but I think it favored the Republicans in 2008 in Hamburg.


11/30/09 - A new candidate has emerged in the Hamburg Township Clerk race. The seat is up for grabs following the successful recall of Clerk Matt Skiba from office and last week was the filing deadline for all candidates to appear on the February ballot in a special election. 28 year old Geoff Boltach has filed as an independent candidate and will join Annette Koeble and current interim Clerk Jim Neilson on the ballot. The Livingston County Democratic Party is supporting Koeble, an office manager who has lived in Hamburg for more than 25 years while the Livingston County Republican Party is backing Neilson. Boltach is a married father of two who owns a small business in the township. The lifelong Hamburg resident tells WHMI the recall of the previous clerk that inspired him to get involved and residents deserve better of their elected representatives. Boltach says he wants to unite the community and restore trust in the clerk's office while recognizing that financial hardships lie ahead for the municipality. The three candidates will appear on the February 23rd ballot. (JM)

I don't know anything about Boltach, but considering all that's happened in Hamburg, along with the fact that February is not a traditional election time, anything could happen. Some may discount his age, but Joe Hune won a state rep seat at 21, and Chris Ward won his first race at 18.

Will the independent pull off the upset? I think the chances will directly correlate with the job done by the Hamburg board and Jim Neilson in the next three months. How will they get along. If things run well, he'll win. If not, he'll probably lose. The question would be to who.

Ball's in the board's court.

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