Monday, November 23, 2009

Jim Neilson picked as Republican nominee for Hamburg Township Clerk

This is interesting to see and somewhat surprising to me. I did not expect the township committee to select the same candidate who was hired as interim clerk by the board.

I don't know much about Neilson or the other nominee, so I don't have any strong opinions about this outside of elections related issues. I hope it is the right decision. We'll find that out over the next three months.

I consider the Hamburg clerk position a swing race. Hamburg was always a bit less republican leaning than most of the county. It is the fifth or sixth most democrat area in the county behind Brighton City (not the township which is among the most republican), Howell City (both of which have nonpartisan city governments), Putnam township, Unadilla Township, and maybe Green Oak. Matt Skiba won with less than 50% in 2008, and was just recalled in a landslide election.

It is imperative that the board wakes up and gives Neilson the freedom and leeway to do his job. With the Republicans picking Neilson, they are betting on that happening. Now there are still two days to see if the other individual considered would run as an independent. That could happen. If the other person was picked, Neilson might have run as an independent with a 3 month incumbency (which in Hamburg could be good or bad). Any decision by the committee is a big risk.

Now Neilson has three months to prove himself. I'm more concerned with the board members than I am Neilson. Will they do their job, or be drama kings? We'll see.


Communications guru said...

The fix is in. Talk about collusion.

Dan said...

Collusion? Not hardly, as I know who was on the committee.

Communications guru said...

The all Republican board makes the Republican candidate the incumbent. Please. This entire process has smelled funny since last November. The fix is in.

Dan said...

Kevin, a blind man can see that the biggest opponent of some of the republicans in Hamburg are other Republicans.

The biggest challenge the committee has was to try and calm that stuff down.

Communications guru said...

You may be right about that, but that does not change the fact that this does not pass the smell test.