Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Livingston Results (UPDATED) - Skiba was destroyed, Anderson and Vieau projected winners in Brighton Schools

Hamburg Township sent a message with an exclaimation point. I predicted Skiba would be gone by a 60-40 percentage. I was way off.

Hamburg's precincts are in, and the result is clear. With all precincts in, the numbers are this.

Skiba Recall:
Yes - 4227 - 79.21%
No - 1104 - 20.71%

I don't think this changes much of what goes on with that board. I think several people need the heave ho, and getting rid of one person isn't going to do it. It does send a message, and while I think Pat Hohl and Phil Semprevino love the result, they need to watch it themselves, as I think they too would have been recalled if they were all. ANYONE would have been recalled in Hamburg if they were on the ballot. The best thing the board can do now is man up, keep their traps shut, work together and do their jobs.

The next step if things go like I think they will, is for the Livingston County Republican and Democrat parties to pick candidates to run in a special election. I am not on the county executive committee (I'm on district instead), so I have no official say in the decision. I will make my calls and use the limited influence that I have to hopefully persuade the committee to not take this race for granted, and pick someone who will do a good job and do his or her part to make the township no longer the embarassment of the state. I'll also add that right now, I'd pick the democrat to at least cover the spread in Hamburg, because the board has left a big opening.

In other races, the Brighton School Board race is very close. Barring recounts, Bill Anderson and Miles Vieau win. Joe Carney has been defeated as an incumbent.

So Far:
1. Bill Anderson - 1650
2. Miles Vieau - 1173
3. Randy Swain - 1115
4. Joe Carney - 923
5. Muriel Kaier - 776
6. Keith Van Hentenryk - 480
7. Frank Lucas - 190

Pinckney Bond outside of Hamburg
Yes - 676
No - 796

In Hamburg
Yes - 2286
No - 2315

Yes - 2962
No - 3111

Pinckney Millage outside Hamburg
Yes - 948
No - 526

In Hamburg
Yes - 3060
No = 1553

Hamburg Police Millage
Yes - 3217
No - 2278

Hamburg Parks Millage
Yes - 3528
No - 1955

Brighton Schools is too close to call. I think a possible recount may happen for the bonds. Other than that, it's fairly clear who wins/loses today in Livingston County.

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Tracy Lindsay said...

I disagree. Skiba, unfortunatly, could not handle the job. He is not a bad person, just not right for the job. The rest of the board was consumed with dealing with a difficult Skiba. I am sure his talents lay elsewhere. Evon is an unknown. He paralleled Skiba so I do not know what he will do when he is alone. The rest of the board is knowledgeable and will work as a group for the better our community and country. I thank everyone who is on the board for working so hard to work with Skiba. -Trac