Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama lecturing about debt is like the Detroit Lions talking about winning

Who the hell is Mr. Obama to say anything about debt? He makes Bush look like a moderate spender. From Reuters

BEIJING, Nov 18 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

With the U.S. unemployment rate at 10.2 percent, Obama told Fox News his administration faces a delicate balance of trying to boost the economy and spur job creation while putting the economy on a path toward long-term deficit reduction.

This is from the guy who voted for the bank bailouts and Bush's bad spending as a senator. He was even worse as the punk-in-chief, as he bankrupted GM and Chrysler after bailing them out, pushed through nearly a trillion in the stimulus failure, and he just got his trillion dollar plus healthcare takeover through the house. That's all in addition to the regular record deficit budget.

Son, when you correct those problems, then you can say something about the debt. Until then, you can sit down and shut your mouth.


Communications guru said...

Well, President Clinton turned the economy around, and at the same time he also managed to turn the huge Regain/Bush deficit left him into a budget surplus that another Bush squandered into another huge deficit. The fact is the majority of the current deficit facing President Obama was left over from Shrub.

Now sit down and shut your mouth.

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Chris said...

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Dan said...

The irony was that this announcement was made in China after the Chinese warned Obama against passing health care because it would add so much to the US deficit.