Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buy American! Buy Big 3! Buy Ford!

Everytime something happens with a Big 3 automobile, we get a lot of crap thrown away by the Big 3 haters. Outside of wear and tear, I haven't have any major problems with my 2002 Ford truck built in . Same goes for my 99 and 93 that I used to have.

From the AP

WASHINGTON – Toyota suspended U.S. sales of some of its most popular vehicles — including the best-selling car in America, the Camry — to fix sticking gas pedals that could make the cars accelerate without warning.
In another blow to the world's No. 1 automaker, Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it would halt some production at six assembly plants beginning the week of Feb. 1 "to assess and coordinate activities."
The company said it would stop selling eight models of cars and trucks, a significant portion of its fleet. The suspension comes after a recall of the same models last week involving 2.3 million vehicles.
Toyota has said it was unaware of any accidents or injuries due to the pedal problems associated with the recall, but could not rule them out for sure.
"This action is necessary until a remedy is finalized," said Bob Carter, Toyota's group vice president and general manager.

The ultimate brand name in reliability takes a whack. The Camry. I was hoping the Toyota Pious would be mentioned as well, but that wasn't listed.

If you're looking for quality in vehicles, I'd look at Ford (outside of the Fusion which is a foreign car built in Mexico....thanks NAFTA). If you want cars with good gas mileage, Ford has it.  They may not be able to deliver a good football team, but in 16 years of driving, I haven't have any major problems with a vehicle that wasn't over 10 years old. They were also all built here in America, from companies based here in Michigan keeping our jobs here at home where they belong.

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